Thursday, March 7, 2013


When I was a little girl, I had the most beautiful hair. It was my trademark. I remember once my parents getting upset with my Aunt and Uncle because while they were watching me they trimmed my hair. It was tragic, and hilarious. I was five.

When I was in high school, I was constantly told that I looked like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. It was the hair...and the eyebrows. My hair was stick straight, thick and shiny. My eyebrows were just thick.

After I had my first baby, my hair got a little wavy. After my second it got a little wavier. By the time we had our fifth baby my hair has turned curly. For the last decade, I would blow dry and straighten my hair in order to reproduce that hair I had when I was a kid. All the while damaging it.

Recently I've noticed that I've really started going gray. My hair is truly going through a mid life crisis. I know that I have to start the dying cycle, but I really don't want to start that yet. I like my natural color. I really like it, but the grey and now the frizzy waviness...ugh it was time to do something.

A friend of mine is a huge curl advocate and posted about how to tame curly hair so I thought it was good for a try. I cannot believe how much I like the results. It's totally different and I feel like a new person. It's funny how something as simple as hair can do that to you. But it did.

We have two daughters. Everyday for as long as I can remember they would ask me to straighten their hair. They both have stick straight hair... but they saw me doing it and wanted it themselves. This morning I was deep in the throws of gel and scrunching my hair all while Mia was watching me. She asked me if I could curl her hair. This request taught me a very valuable lesson not having anything to do with hair.

My daughters notice everything I do. They are constantly watching me. It's very valuable real estate if you ask me. We talk so much of what we can do to fortify our children from the influences of the world all the while we have so much time and influence on them in our own home. Are we using it?

If I'm doing anything good, watching anything good, reading anything good, I always involve our children. I point out the things we are doing that will benefit our lives. I want them to notice it and implement it into their own lives. Now there is a reverse side to this as well and I'm not so quick to point out those things, but I assure you they notice.

We have but a short time with these little people in our care and under our influence. I hope I'm using my time wisely enough. I hope that I can teach my daughters by example to love what God gave them, not try to change it. I hope that they will remember the importance of being modest young ladies. But most importantly I hope they will remember how to make the most of their hair once their babies rob them of their silky smooth tresses. Because it will happen, and I will laugh.


Nicole said...

i love the curls on you! it's a totally different looks and it fits well with how you have grown i think. :)

Sara Walker said...

I too am going grey, but refuse to dye. My hair is doing crazy things as well, but I think its all hormonal!