Monday, February 25, 2013

spiritual education

Every year our Relief Society comes up with a theme to help keep the sisters on track for the year. This year their theme is Building a firm foundation in Christ, or something like that. Normally in the past they would set goals for us to meet each month that ties into the theme. This year they are leaving it more open and letting the sisters set their own goals every month based on a thought to sort of guide you in a direction.

This month the goal read like this: Building a firm foundation in Christ: "By prayer learning to love life and love learning. The obscurity of these goals have confused me a little, but for this month I think I understood it and made a goal. I made a few actually because I'm an over achiever. My goals were to attend institute every week this month (with permission because I'm technically too old to go) and to really study and prepare for all of my Sunday lessons.

This being the 25th of the month I think I can talk about this months successes. First of all, let me tell you a few things about institute. When I was 20 and technically allowed to attend it, I always had an excuse not to go. I really didn't want to. Being 33, I really started to look forward to it every week. I set aside time every day to work on my reading for the class and everything. I have really loved having this extra dose of gospel in my week. I also have noticed that over the course of maybe the last year. I have really truly began to hunger for the word of God. Really hunger for it. I'm so thankful for that. My late twenties produced a lot of guilt because I really didn't hunger.

The next great thing I've learned from institute and this is valuable to me, is that I really do know the gospel. I have acquired experiences and wisdom in my short time on this earth. I enjoy hearing the answers of others that are more simplistic (because they are much younger and inexperienced). I love feeling the deeper understandings of what we are learning. To me that means progression. I'm progressing and all of this work and effort is for something. It's paying off. I appreciated that lesson/blessing. I look forward to my late years when my understanding will be even more enlarged.

The second goal, preparing for all of our lessons, has been a great one too. I find that when I don't, I often find myself wondering what the teacher is getting at when they ask questions. I feel like if I read the lesson prayerfully, I can not only help the teacher with her lesson by commenting, I spend the week really contemplating the subjects and look for ways to really apply them in my life. I've learned a lot from doing that this month. I find that I look forward to my lessons on Sunday and the opportunity to share what I've learned throughout the week.

I know that neither of these ideas are terribly earth shattering, but I was happy that I set these little mini goals. I learned a lot from them. And honestly they took next to no time out of my day but what they added to my days was priceless.

You know what, I know that I'm not perfect. I know that I can be pretty intense and annoying at times. But I'm trying to be better everyday, every year. I honestly believe that is all that is required of us. I think these little goals we make throughout our life lead up to one big picture. I have a perfect picture of what I expect of myself by the time this life is over. I have a perfect knowledge of what I need to do to get there, and I have a perfect hope that with the help of my Savior that I will accomplish all that I need to be worthy to be called His disciple. And I pray that while I'm here I can help others find the path that I have. I know that it is truly the best way to navigate through this life.

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Nicole said...

you're going to institute?? i want to go too!!! text me!