Monday, November 12, 2012

Where do I even start this post..Last week on FB I promised a blog update. So here it is. Updating it can feel so daunting. Especially when I have to add pictures. So I usually keep my photo updates on Facebook because it's much easier than blogspot.

Our family had just the most amazing weekend and it just makes me laugh. I had so many revelations this weekend that I actually needed to write them down just so I don't forget.

As a few of you know, we went in on a hunting lease a few months ago. A hunting lease is a huge piece of property (2300 acres to be exact in this case). There is a small camp in the center where you can camp and eat and burn stuff. Our lease is a family lease so unlike many others out there, the wife and kids are very welcome. We've spent the last five or so weekends up there in an extra cabin. There are three cabins and a bunch of RV's that the other members have parked. There are a total of ten families that are on our lease. While the main reason to be there this time of year is to deer hunt, our family has found such happiness just being out in nature.

We did end up buying a camper and a four-wheeler. We fell so in love with this place that we plan on spending a lot of time out there. So this weekend we had the fun job of "moving in" to the camper. Mia was the queen of the four-wheeler. Who would have thought, but that child just lived on it. There are dirt roads all over the property leading to different hunting spots so when it wasn't dusk or dawn she was all over that place. I got many chances to ride it to and who would have was so much fun. I just couldn't believe it.

Chris and I have toiled with the idea of buying a massive piece of property and building a house on it. We have had a few insecurities about that plan. Like will we get lonely, will we be inconvenienced being so far out, what about schools, and don't forget daily SWIM. We have gone back and forth on this decision so many times. So. Many. Times! These last few weeks has really shown us that our hearts are in the country. There is this peace that is unexplainable. I will always be a city girl at heart because that's where I come from, but I wear the country well. For the last two days my mind has constantly been back at the lease. It's so strange. I cannot explain it.

It almost feels like every minute out there is a vacation. While I work much harder when we are there than when I am at home physically, it just feels better. Could that be possible? Also, nothing has compared to watching my children find joy in nature. They were filthy! Totally filthy for three days and it was great. They developed a bit of independence and worked hard. It was very interesting. Zander got to go hunting with his dad. I got to shoot three guns and actually hit a target 100 yards away. I was impressed with myself. Like I said, Mia lived on the four-wheeler and Elle lived on a little tractor that's there. Eryx literally rolled in the dirt and ran around the whole time. Asher was content to sit in a pack n play by the fire at nights. We went star gazing and driving through the land at night. We all met great people and made new friends we would not have otherwise met. We watched as other members prepared their deer. We got to touch the deer and look at them. We watched as the men cut them up and took the meat. It was crazy! All three of our older children upon returning home from school yesterday asked if we were going back to the lease that night. I guess they left their hearts there too.

So I've been going through this getting back to nature kick with our food, but it appears that I am being drawn there in other areas too. Now I feel I must clarify what I mean by camping. We have electricity, plumbing, full stove and oven, 8 beds, air conditioning, heat, satellite, and all the other comforts of home. It's just in the middle of nowhere. We tried camping in a tent a few years back and it was horrid hell. We slept on the floor of a tent and froze the entire night. I had to walk a few blocks to use the bathroom and forget about showering. We are not camping in that sense, what we are doing is existing out in the middle of nowhere. I will never camp the old way again. It's just not in me. I got razzed a little by a friend about this new adventure, but I must insist we are not

We really need to figure out this moving idea. On one hand we really want to and on the other we do like Kingwood. We've gone back and forth for years...I think it's time to get moving on it already...



Nicole said...

as long as they have cell service, i'm okay with you moving out to the long as it's not too terribly far away from me. ;) i think you will find happiness wherever you are with your family. it's just who you are.

The Allgaiers said...

After this past week, both Ammon and I have talked about getting out on a huge piece of land somewhere where we totally take care of ourselves and get away from it all. The biggest problem is $$. :) Sounds like you have possibly found a good nature fix while you work things out though! :)

Sara Walker said...

Glad you are loving the country. I wouldnt trade living in the country for anything :)