Monday, October 22, 2012

Life Lately

Wow what an interesting few months we've had over here.

First, Chris got a new job! YAY for no travel! He works from home so that's just pretty darn amazing as well. He took a pay increase and the benefits are way better (and they were already pretty good). He's been faithful to his softball league this season and is playing football with the church guys on Saturday mornings. He gets to have lunch with the kids often and me pretty much everyday! What a drastic change for our family! It's such a blessing! Pinch me!

Second, we've embarked on a food revolution. We've given up all processed food. If it has more than five ingredients any of which I cannot pronounce....we don't eat it. Well I promised Chris I wouldn't go all crazy and throw stuff out so we are eating through what we have, but once it's gone, it's gone!! We've joined a co-op here in Houston that is AMAZING! We found local grass fed beef and currently have a freezer full of it. And yes it tastes better. We're not using white anything anymore (white flour, white rice). We are getting our eggs from a local lady as well. I'm making all of our bread and yup, I've gotten really great at it. We even located farm fresh milk. Not raw, but I'm heading in that direction just don't tell Chris. I'm making most of our food from scratch which I love. It just tastes better. I spend WAY more time in the kitchen but its a creative outlet for me so I like it. I've lost a few pounds, but that's not why I'm doing it. I just never realized how bad our food is, and we ate pretty darn healthy already if you ask me! America is so sick and fat. I don't want that for my kids. There are so many obese kids at our school. I'm thankful that mine mostly love a healthy diet. It's been fun. Oh and Chris gave up soda...that's huge. That's all I've asked him to change. He eats most meals with us the rest are up to him and I don't ask questions. Baby steps. Chris is a very changeable man. I'm grateful for that.

Next, for YEARS Chris has wanted to buy a share of a hunting lease. I mean our house is a flipping arsenal so why should he just keep his shells on paper. It's more than a hunting lease though, its a camp. With a toilets and water and electricity. It's family owned. It's located in Livingston just miles from the lake on 2300 acres of woods. It's been in operation for so long it truly has everything you can imagine, and now it has a family of 7 who just loves going there to get away from the Kingwood bubble. The boys shoot, and bow hunt. Deer season opens in a few weeks and I'm curious to see if they will get one. I just want the meat. The stars are amazing at night and the silence is priceless. We are looking into buying a camper over the next few weeks so we don't' have to use the extra cabin there. I've never quite caught the spirit of camping and outdoors like this before. It's the perfect combination of fun, friends, family and peace. We're hooked. It's really been a great adventure. Who would have thought.

Finally, we just got back from Corpus for a swim meet. It was a really fun time for our family. We finally got to take our bus on a road trip. It was amazing. No regrets on that purchase whatsoever! We had so much room to stretch out. The kids swam unbelievably well. Mia is proving to be quite the little backstroker. She finished very well in the 50 breast and back. Zander took high point. Which means he was the 9-10 year old boy with the most points scored. You get a certain amount of points for each place, first, second third, etc. He also secured 2 AA times, and 6 A times. That has to do with how fast he swims. The more A's the faster. The best part of it all was watching him swim his 50 breast. He needed a 40.19 for TAGS (state championship meet) and he swam a 40.95. Now why was I so excited because he just missed it? It's because HE JUST MISSED IT and has until March to get it. That's a lot of time to work on a stroke. His goal all year was to make it to state. I hope he gets it!

That's about all the new stuff going on over here. The kids are doing well in school. Elle loves kinder. Mia has some mean and nasty girls in her class but it's teaching her the value of being a good friend and a good example. Zander is mostly ok, but often pretty disgusted by his peers. Not much new there. We are looking into alternatives for Middle School. I'm not sure he has the stomach for public middle school, or at least not with this group of kids. Oh how I wish we were surrounded with more families that lived our standards. But alas..we are not and that will just have to make our kids fight harder for theirs. I just hope it creates a positive outcome not a negative one. Ugh! The babies are great. Asher is full on crawling and pulling up. He just turned six months old and is breaking my heart. He has two teeth now that he loves to bite everything with. Eryx turned two a few weeks ago. He's a big boy. He's just so sweet and loving. He's truly my little sunshine!

I just can't help but feel the blessings we've been given. I'm so thankful for this peaceful time in our life. The last five years have been so hard for me with Chris's job and the travel. I'm glad we are moving on a little. I hope this wave lasts a while. Life is good!


Sara Walker said...

You guys are awesome! Can I just say that. I am so glad you are so happy and that life is good. It makes my heart feel good to hear about good people.

Chelle said...

Happy days! Great post.

cori said...

You endured! Yay for a new phase in life. I see it in you, too. I love how happy you are. You just radiate sunshine...that sounds so cheesy, you know what I mean, right? ;)

Melissa said...

Lol! Yes Cori I know what you mean. And it's so true. I"m at peace!