Tuesday, September 4, 2012


You know what's funny? I have zero problems setting and achieving goals. I'm not sure what in my DNA or upbringing has caused this trait, but I'm very thankful I have it. Rarely do I find myself falling off the wagon of a worthwhile goal.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that it was time to start up on a new project aka goal. You see, my baby is getting bigger and my big kids are all in school so this leaves me feeling a little blah. I need direction, I need excitement. Enter goal.

Now I do have a tendency to get a bit obsessed with these goals. I think that is part of it. Some (Chris) call it an obsession, I call it focus. Focus is what carries you to the end. Focus is what keeps returning your mind to this goal when it starts to drift onto other things. Focus and intensity are very necessary ingredients to accomplish anything.

While pondering the new goal, project, focus...whatever....I decided to reflect over some of the other things in my past that I've accomplished. I thought about the time and duration of these goals. I considered the support needed and financial obligations of them as well. I also thought about the failed attempts, yes there are some. I tried to map out what makes success and what makes failure.

Most of my goals recently have been physical in nature. Running and exercising mostly. While these are good goals and wow was the marathon a fun one to check off (have I ever mentioned that the marathon was the very first organized race I ever ran? Chris told me to start small, try a 5k, but that intensity told me to go bigger). I trained for six months, six days a week. It was amazing to cross that finish line with tears in my eyes. Tears of pride and said goal realized.

While I do have mini exercise goals always going on, I could not help let my mind wonder over to the other side of my self. We have a physical body and a spiritual body. I was in the middle of setting another physical goal when I realized that those types of goals will not help me achieve the purpose I am here to serve. Taking care of your body is great and all, but I really believe it is second to the spirit. If you have a healthy spirit, I think the body will follow.

Time is so very precious and I wonder what are we choosing to spend it on? What are we neglecting to do because our worship is centered elsewhere. If I've been at the school all day volunteering so much so that I'm too tired to read scriptures to my children, then I know something is off balance there. Right now in my life I simply do not have the time or mental capacity to do many extra things. You would never catch me serving on a PTA for example. Better things to do. That's not where I want /need to spend my extra minutes. Now, I go to the school, I'm in the classes volunteering, I eat lunch with my children more than I ever see anyone else, but I don't think the PTA is where I need to spend MY time. Another thought I've had on this issue is how our world is obsessed with fashion and style. My kids will always be clean and cute, but I cannot obsess over their clothes and hair bows. I'd rather be reading to them or teaching them. Not adorning them. Those things are not important. It's more necessary that they know they are loved by a kind Heavenly Father. It's more import that we spend our time in our church worshiping Him and supporting our faith.

Instead of more worldly types of goals and distractions, I'm going to focus on the meat. We've made a few gospel centered goals. Goals to bring us closer to Christ. Goals to increase our testimonies. These are the goals I'm going to be focusing my time on for the next little while. We've made a family plan to give more FOCUS on the things of worth. After all, you cannot worship two Gods, or three or four. For us in our house we will worship the Lord...wholly.

And for my personal goal....I'm pretty excited about it. Many years have I tried knocking this one out....I WILL feel the satisfaction of this one realized......finally. Although it will take some time. The good ones usually do!


Nicole said...

um, are you not sharing the goal on purpose??!??! and you rock btw. ;)

Sara Walker said...

love it! but i need to know what the goal is. yes. NEED to know!

narnianne said...

truly, you can't keep me hanging!

cori said...

Saving the grand reveal for another post??? ;) Good job on your lesson today, btw. You are always so prepared and poised.

Melissa said...

Lol! You guys really want to know? Ok, I'll post about it. Its really uninteresting I promise!