Saturday, August 4, 2012

My thoughts on a chicken sandwich.

I've had this topic on my mind a lot lately and I need to write it out. Writing is my way to detox my brain and lay to rest the things I struggle with. I play thoughts over and over again and unless I write them out they plague me. So today, at any expense, I am going to do just that.

There is a great deal of conversation going on over a mans opinion and chicken sandwiches. I honestly could care less about both that man and his sandwiches. I've never been a fan of his chicken, it gives me an upset stomach. So I never eat at his restaurant anyway. Now his opinion, I do respect opinions, but again I could care less what the opinions are of the people in this world. Correction, I could care less until those opinions interfere with my life or threaten to change my way of life. Then I care. Are you following me?!?

The topic of homosexuality is not new by any means, but as the world becomes more liberal the scales will (and are) shifting on the belief about wether or not homosexuality is a sin. In the first place, I believe it's quite common to not believe in God/Christ whatsoever. Many people do not. Satan has won already there. So if you don't believe in God, why would you ever have issues with any "Christian" values. You wouldn't. In that circumstance, everyone should be left to act according to their beliefs and heaven forbid if you would dare mention Christianity to an atheist. Watch out! Just don't do it...that's my recommendation. You will be called a bigot.

But it gets a little grayer when you mix homosexuality and Christianity. If you believe homosexuality is a sin, then you are judging. You will be told you are not a Christian. You will be told that Christ loves everyone. I'm not sure how an opinion has to do with love of fellow man, but that's ok. You will be called a hypocrite. The bible states that this will happen. In the last few weeks or so I've seen it happen over and over in written debates. You can't be Christian and be opposed to homosexuality. Interesting....

I have had times in my life where I became very involved in a homosexual community. All of my friends were gay. I chose to spend my time with a group of friends who practiced this lifestyle. Many years of my life went by where I had the opportunity through enriching personal relationships to see life on the "other side" of the argument. Also I've had the experience of watching my best friend since I was 9-19 struggle with homosexuality. Yes struggle. I feel I have a pretty deep understanding of homosexuality. When the topic of homosexuality and damnation come up, I have a very tender spot in my heart for the people who for whatever reason are living this lifestyle. Are they "born that way"? I have my opinions and theories but what does it really matter what I believe on that topic. If asked I will tell you what conclusions I've come to to be at peace about that specific question as I've given it much thought.

Recently on Facebook a friend of mine posted an article essentially about how homosexuality has been accepted within the catholic church (Christianity) for many years and it has been until "recently" that the Christian community is not accepting. It was a very well thought out article and well researched. After reading it I could see and agree with the side of the author that history would point to that acceptance. But there was a higher point that the author and readers did not consider.

When I finished reading the article I thought to myself "what does that matter?". The catholic church much like 99% of the churches is a man created organization. Throughout history it has been proven that ideas pertaining to deity have been picked through like a box of discount sweaters at an outlet mall. This one is nice, that one may offend, this one is too hard, that one might lose followers....the standard is an ever changing one. So is that the point?? Nope!!

Have you ever considered how God himself feels on the topic without the ideas of the world and your church creeping into your mind? Have you wondered if Christ would love individuals who committed sin? If you have not, the answers are at your fingertips as I see it. If you want to know if God created us with homosexuality to be "allowable", acceptable or encouraged, look to His example and His creations. There is order in all things. I'm assuming at this point this is being viewed through a Christian mind. I can't even begin to "debate" on the topic of not being a Christian here.

God created man in his image, the bible states this. He created woman to be a helpmate to man. He commanded them to multiply and replenish the earth. He provided them with the bodies capable to do this naturally and the tools to do it instinctively. He created animals on end with the same capabilities. Logic tells me from this tiny blueprint that has been reproduced time and time again what God intended. Man has studied these relationships to death and the findings are overwhelmingly conclusive. The family unit should consist of man, woman and children.

There sometimes seems to be a "programming error". There are also very few exceptions in nature where homosexual behavior furthers that species, but those situations are extremely rare when compared to the vast majority of the animal kingdom. If you want to know how God planned man and woman, simply look to our examples that He created. That method is not even utilizing the gift of prayer and revelation. On all things He will tell you what He wants. We simply need to ask. This topic has caused me much strife over the years and He has given me peace and clarity....because I begged for it.

Like I mentioned earlier, I've seen a very close friend struggle with their sexual desires to be homosexual and their God given programming to marry and procreate. Science has stepped in and made it possible for homosexual families to create children to a degree. Now the children are not full representatives of their parents physically, but I believe that they are loved and cherished in the same manner as heterosexuals love their children. Love is programmed by our God as well. BUT without science it could not be done. The presence of a man and woman is necessary. A scientific relationship can occur to mate, but it's not the way God created His plan....look at His examples.

God allows men science. I believe all inventions have a purpose some good some evil. He allows these things to happen. Consider the internet. So many good reasons to use it and SO many bad ones. Once again it's up to man to choose what side he is on.

Next is the issue of Christ and His love. I am a Christian. Because of the life and experiences I've been given I love and despise differently. I should not despise, but I'm not perfect, I'm only trying to be. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ I will be perfect one day as long as I spend my years working towards that. Personally, on a very basic level, I have less tolerance to the addicted than I do to the homosexual. My history and my past created that prejudice into me. I've been hurt more by the addicted than by any gay man or woman. To me someone smoking cigarettes is more offensive than two men holding hands in public. Honestly I shield my children equally from both. But Christ, who is perfect, loves all men. God forgives all men. We are simply working towards and understanding of that perfect love and forgiveness. That concept has been my life trial. I am not here to say that any opinion of man is right or wrong. I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to eat a chicken sandwich. That is all such nonsense to me.

Live you're life, better yourself, judge not others, love perfectly, stand up for what you know to be true after you've truly done the homework to say you KNOW, follow God's commandments, and share the good news. That's what this life is about. It seems pretty simple to me. Satan tries to complicate the minds of men to lead them off course. Don't give satan a place in your mind, and don't allow the quest for a chicken sandwich to lead you away from what really matters because I assure you the answers are not found in poultry.


Lauren Hannah-Murphy said...

Thank you for sharing, Melissa. I absolutely agree that opinions are just that and we shouldn't get upset about opinions as long as they aren't harming us or our families. And religion is also a very personal thing. I have my beliefs, others have theirs and unfortunately too many people condemn people who don't hold their same beliefs. (You definitely don't condemn people who hold different beliefs, and I respect you very highly for that.)

It's easy enough to say "why can't we all just get along and respect each other's beliefs" but it's hard when you have people spouting hate on the one hand and insisting that their way is the only way. I posted that article because I just wanted to get people thinking. Religions have been developing for thousands of years. Christianity formed out of another monotheistic religion (which was pretty radical at the time to only believe in one God) and because God (whatever you see God to be) has to act through humans to get the word out, there's going to be some error and interpretation. Just look at the history of the formation of the Bible. There were a huge number of books and gospels that could have been included that were not just because of the particular leaders that happened to have power at the time. That's why I enjoy reading so much about early Christianity. There are so many Christian denominations these days, including many more recent ones, such as LDS and they all have their own interpretation of things. Maybe God wants it that way. Maybe He wants people to be able to understand His word in the way that makes the most sense to them. But I can't believe that He wants people to hate. :D

So, you know, whatever. Those are my thoughts.

Melissa said...

You can't fight against hate. It will exist in the hearts of men as long as satan is left to his own devices. Every group, every belief, every thing on this earth is hated by someone. I remember walking down Halstead holding hands with my boyfriend and having gay men yell "breeders" at us. They hated us. I will be hated for my stance and this post. People hate others who chose to have children rather than adopt. While growing up my friends parents hated me because I wasn't from a two parent upper middle class family. People hate the LDS church. People hate the fact that I don't drive an environmentally friendly car and that I eat meat and wear leather. They hated Christ so much that they killed him. Every person experiences hate and judgement from peers. It's a part of life. No person is respected in this world. This fight of yours is a lost battle my friend. I would say the same to the chick fil a guy.

As for religion, there is a true church. There is one that is not left to the interpretation of men. All things will one day be known. I will wait for that day with much anticipation and excitement. In the mean time, I will work on myself and hope I do well enough to pass this test.

Lauren Hannah-Murphy said...

Well, in regards to hate, I may not be able to fight against it, but I can demonstrate a lack of it to others and hope they follow my example.

As for religion, well, good for you. :)

Nicole said...

<---- *pushing AMEN button*

Debbie Buchanan said...

I was interested to read your comments on this because we just had a Chik-Fil-A open in Oswego yesterday. For the past month, it has been headline news with comments running rampant on every online news article. Yesterday's article about the grand opening has 194 comments on it, here in little Oswego! People are so polarized by this issue that no one seems to be able to even discuss it civilly, so I enjoyed reading your thoughts, which I heartily endorse!!