Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yesterday I was in Target buying new clothes for the kids...ironically. I had just cleared out the clearance rack and bought the ladies some of their mix match sets. See, Elle has the unfortunate birth order of second girl and gets Mia's hand me downs that were hand me downs in the first place. That added with Elle's odd sense of style creates a walking fashion disaster for those who care about such silly things.

On this particular day, Elle decided to wear her ballet leotard to Target. No she didn't have dance class that day, she just wanted to wear it because it's pretty. Being the mom I am, one that fosters individuality, I agreed to it of course. Like I said, I normally could care less about what my kids wear as long as they are clean. We were in line checking out and these two little girls that were dressed to the nines, in Target mind you, could not get over the fact that Elle was wearing a leotard. They asked their mom numerous times "why is she wearing that at a grocery store", and saying, "she should have a cover up on". These little girls were maybe four and six years old. Elle's leotard is a full one with a skirt attached, not like one that looks like a bathing suit. But they could not imagine going to the store wearing that.

It makes me sad to see the things we are teaching our children by our examples. Little girls that age have no business worrying about how they are dressed. They should be comfortable and clean and that's about all that really matters. These little girls were wearing matching outfits with the big texas sized bows and sparkly shoes...to go to Target. And that's all fine and dandy, but what they have learned by having a mother so consumed with their outfits is how to judge others. That mother showed them by example what is important. To her it's appearance. And to those girls it will be the same. They put Elle down over and over again to the point where she was embarrassed by her clothes, and the mom just let it happen. Probably because she felt the same way.

I know moms who put a lot of attention into the appearance of their children. They are always wearing the latest fashions and the moms are also actually. The moms fuss about their kids hair and freak out when they spill on their clothes. I just don't have time for that nonsense. We need to be more consumed with morals, and respect. We need to be teaching our kids the importance of kindness not vintage. Not that you cannot do both, but I've noticed that usually isn't the case. It seems that people are worshipping things and fashion. Home decor and tan lines. Granite countertops and freshly painted front doors. I feel like this world is so in search of worth and good that they will do anything create an appearance of it. They don't even know what they are searching for, but I do. The reality is that it's what's inside...right. I'm thankful for my confident children who accept others even when they are not clean. I'm thankful for little moments like these to teach my children and also to show me that I am doing something right in all of this madness!

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