Wednesday, June 20, 2012

contracted work

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog that I adore. The author was telling about a childhood memory of hers. When she was little, her mother used to play the piano after she put the little ones in bed. So the children would fall asleep listening to hymns. After I got over my initial taste of jealousy for her childhood, I thought about how I could incorporate something like this into our family.

Now we do have a piano yes, but nobody really knows how to play it. Some child will take lessons and learn darn it, but as for me...nope. I'm not a musical person. While I love music, I don't have any desire what so ever to acquire musical skills. This is something I am very happy to contract out to others.

While pondering all of this I came up with the idea to play some sort of music while the children fell asleep on our iPod dock. Since I don't own really any church music beyond the Children's Songbook, I knew I had to download something. I used to work in a church bookstore and I remember loving a CD we often played there by Michael Dowdle. I jumped on my phone to find that album and don't you know he has since come out with an album dedicated to his favorite Primary songs. It's all guitar music and very soothing. I bought it in a snap.

I told the kids that we are starting a new tradition at bedtime. I didn't know how they would react since we don't do formal things very well in this house. We said prayers, we tucked in, we kissed goodnight, and then we turned on the music. The children absolutely loved this simple thing. I heard some of them quietly humming to their favorites. Zander told me how soothing it was and how perfect of a tradition this was going to be for us. ALL little children fell asleep in no time and continue to do so every night since.

This simple idea has brought so much joy into my life. Now as I'm getting ready for the next morning, I hear wonderful songs echoing through our house. The power of music is magical!

I try so very hard to give our children everything I ever wanted and more. I hope one day they will look back and have fond memories of their childhoods. I hope that we are doing some things right. I hope that these little efforts are making a difference to them.

Anyway, if you're looking for a more peaceful bedtime routine like I was, turn off the TV and play some quiet music for your little ones. They will love it!


Nicole said...

love it! :) music does make such a difference. when there is a lot of contention in our home, i'll have the kid turn off the TV and turn on some instrumental music. it's amazing how fast the mood can change. :)

narnianne said...

What a good idea! I use to do it for Rachel to fall asleep by, but I just got out of the habit...looks like I should get back into it.