Monday, May 7, 2012

When you have five kids...

you don't update your blog for three weeks after a new baby is born.

you get every opinion under the sun about the size of your family from strangers.

you stay in the hospital less than 24 hours after baby because you need to get home to the other four.

you tote that new baby to a two day swim meet for your other child because that's just what you do.

you don't miss sleeping because you have not slept in years anyway.

you realize that 18 months was a little too close for your liking as you now have two babies, one that gets snuggled all day and one that destroys all day.

you get called "superwoman" relentlessly and it sorta annoys you because you know that you are not superwoman nor have you ever strived to be, let alone make someone feel as if they are less.

you have a very interesting time while juggling five kids at a pool by yourself...danger danger

you constantly have a supply list running through your head of needs...various needs and your diaper bag/purse is a grocery store.

you take one hour to get ready and get out the door and someone will undoubtedly be shoeless or pant happens often.

your weekly grocery bill often exceeds $200...ouch

you feel ridiculous even mentioning the fact that you may not be done having kids when EVERYONE asks you.

you fall in love with the last baby just as much as you did with the first baby, and you are in constant awe at how much love your heart can hold.

It is crazy nuts how much has changed around here with the addition of just one more baby. The Krantz family is busy busy busy. The whole vibe around the house is's strange that one event could change so many things. But alas, it is quite a wonderful time and we are thrilled to have our new baby nugget here. We are also thrilled to have mom back to normal. I seriously turned into a crabby, lazy, monster. I know this because each child and my husband has mentioned how wonderful it is to have me back and how grateful they are for all I do for them....unlike the pregnobeast that was here for nine months. I am also glad that I don't pee every time I sneeze and that I can sleep on my stomach again. All good things... So without further ado meet our new buddy...

Asher Krantz
Born 4-15-12 @ 8:47am
Weight: 8 pounds 11 ounces
Length: 21.5 inches

 We make one mold when it comes to our babies.

Chris staring at his clone. Asher resembles Zander the most I think...

I had to throw one of me in there...puffy face and all...

Big brother...again!

Mia tells me that her baby is Eryx, but she will help with Ash.

Elle's new baby...


Nicole said...

true, true, true! you are an awesome woman! (i won't use the SW word). ;) and he's just precious!! :)

nuttbutts said...

horray for baby 5! Our transition was a little different since there was 4 years between 4 and 5 but i still get a lot of the same stupid questions. like the one if we are done or not...whos buisness is it anyway! not the stranger at the store! he is a cutie! glad you are doing well :)

Silly Gille's said...

so yummy! one day i hope to be tough like you when i have 5 (if i make it to that many....)

you rock!

MZP said...

i'm 7 weeks away from entering the 5 club!! i'm thinking that when people call us superwoman, we should just answer, "why yes, i am." ;)

Mark and Heather said...

I have literally been stalking this blog multiple times a day hoping you'd get a picture of Asher posted!! He is just darling and I am so very happy for you all. Can't wait to meet the little guy in person hopefully soon:)

The Allgaiers said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't realize you were so close to having the new little guy come! He is precious and you are right--he looks very similar to Eryx's brand new baby picture. So happy for you guys and can't wait until I get our 5th here as well!


cori said...

He's yummmmmmmy. Pregnobeast...LOL! Welcome back, busy mommy. If you're more sane NOW than you were a few weeks ago you're doing awesome!!

Katy Croarkin said...

Congrats on baby #5 - he is super yummy looking! I feel like I could just gobble him up. And I love the name Asher. I tried to convince Jeff that we should name a future child Asher but he's more of a traditionalist when it comes to names and nixed it.