Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a bit about blogs

You may have noticed that along with my waistline, my energy is slowly returning. I'm actually blogging again! I must admit that this little blog o mine is more for me than anything, but I like sharing my cuckoo thoughts with others.

Back in 2002 Chris mentioned the idea of starting a webpage. We did that and put pictures of the kid (Zander) up for all the family to see. It was a blog in the infantile stages. Basically I'd put up a ton of photos and an obnoxious comment under it. Trendsetters I tell you. Any family or close friends that knew us then knew that blog. I was pretty good about updating it.

Then in 2007 we moved that blog over to this one. At first I used it for pictures for the family, but it's changed into this sorta messy kinda area for me to mentally barf.

I was talking to my dad the other day and he mentioned that while he loves reading my blog because I often talk about things I don't normally share with him, he misses the pictures of the kids. Enter good friend. So we brainstormed for a while and decided that a blog created just for shameless bragging and photos of the kids is in order. So that's what I created.

Now I'm not a blog hoarder by any means. I've dabbled in a few different ideas, but this blog (Ketchup) has been a mainstay for almost a decade now. I know that people read it because they comment to me about it. Often people will comment that I had no idea knew about it. That kinda freaks me out a little but it's ok. I mean I know it's out there and anyone can read it. I also know that a few people that I probably don't want reading it do read it. That's ok too. I also know that eyes roll at what I write...also ok. I know that if someone keeps coming back to read it there must be something here....something.

This brings me to the new blog. My first idea was to keep it private, only open to family and close friends. So that's who I told about it. But I realize that I have some people out there who love our family and while they are not on that list of "close", they should be. So I'm going to share it with the readers of this blog.

I will warn you. It was created for grandparents. It is uber braggy braggy. While I won't ever exaggerate, I will highlight all of the good and amazing in our kids. It's the highlight reel. Our family relationships are such that the family doesn't really know our kids. Grandparents rarely visit or call, there are no cousins, aunts and uncles are doing their own thing. So when a grandparent asks me to put more up about the kids I will gladly comply. It's all I can do at this point. If nothing else I will use it as a family journal and print it out to keep.

Consider yourselves warned if you decide to stalk that blog. But I have to ask, if you find yourself rolling your eyes, thinking mean things, or becoming annoyed by my blogs...please move on. You are not who I write it for. A friend told me recently that I welcome people in my life on my terms. That could not be more true. I am content being without the attention of others. I am content with my family of seven. I don't search for the approval of others. I am private and when I put something as sacred to me as my children and my maternal thoughts about them out there, all I ask for is respect. It's one thing if I'm going on and on about my thoughts on bathing suits or homeschooling, but my children....that's me, who I am. They are small parts of the whole of me. If you're hating...move on. I know I can't control it, but as with anything else I say all of this to help others think...

So here it is. Feel free to comment if you want to.

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