Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best day ever!!

Every time I've had a baby, I've gained no more than 25 pounds. About 2-3 weeks after baby is born I will have lost all 25 pounds. Now I know I've lost muscle and replaced it with fat, but still. Weight is off at 3 weeks max.

This time I gained upwards of 35 pounds. I was very thin for me when I got pregnant, but still I know that extra 10 is all fat. Cheeseburgers, cookies, cheesesticks, french fries. Oh man I lost all control this pregnancy. A trip to NY and a trip to Chicago while pregnant to boot. No bueno.

Well you may think that the best day postpartum is the first night baby sleeps well. Or maybe the first time he turns his head to hear your voice or see your face. Maybe even the first smile... NOPE not for me. The best day ever is the day I fit back into my prepregnant pants.

Today is that day my friends. My favorite pants fit and the world makes sense to me again. I've lost almost 30 pounds at 3.5 weeks postpartum. I have some more to go, and then I need to turn the remaining fat back into muscle...hello running, I've missed you!

I honestly thought that this time I would never loose that weight. I was very irresponsible with food, like I said. I'm happy to know that my body is doing what it needs to do along with me not eating much of anything yummy. But that will end when I start working out again. I basically run an hour a day so I can eat anything I want. It's a good trade trust me.

I've had few friends ask me about my running program. After each pregnancy I have to start at ground zero again with walking then gradually building. If anyone wants my program leave a comment and I'll email it to you. It's easy easy and will have you running in no time. I swear by it. My seven year old is doing it with me this time....I know anyone can!!

I had to share my good fortune. Thanks for reading! LOL!


Nicole said...

you rock!!! way to go! :)

narnianne said...

Congrats Melissa!!! You are amazing!!! I would like your program because I'm walking 30 minutes three times a week and am trying to slowly incorporate the running(I'm up to running four minutes). I also am doing 30 minutes of weight training three times a week. I've lost some weight, but it's slow coming off. Help!!!

cori said...

Yay for you! That's amazingly super fast to lose all that baby weight. Gooooo girl!