Wednesday, February 15, 2012 love

I will continue with my kid updates... This kid is crazy amazing and I just adore him to death. He's so stinkin smart and sweet. He has so many interests it's often overwhelming. He recently started building assault rifles with his dad...yes...assault rifles. I keep quiet on that one. They go shooting all of the time together. 

 Zander shooting his 22. I'm an impostor in the gun talk but I will do my best. 

 He also tried out for the drum team at school and is often found keeping a beat. He loves drumming! These are some shots from his latest performance. He's a pretty neat kid. 

I couldn't talk about Zander without mentioning swim team. We've had a bumpy road the last few months. We decided to switch teams in January and I'm happy to report not only is he swimming better, he's very happy. His happy is all that matters to me anyway. I'm happier with the new team too. It's very small, which I'm learning is a wonderful thing. His coach can really give him so much attention and it really feels like a family. Zander has a very tough coach who pushes him beyond what Zander thinks is possible. It's often hard to watch, but when Zander finishes the task his sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. I see Zander learning so much about himself through this process and I'm pleased with the internal results. Now as far as the swimming goes...we will see. I don't have any pictures of recent swims...I need to get on deck at practice. I will. He's also opted for wearing the Speedo lately which cracks me up. He's the only boy...young or old on his new team wearing's a big deal. LOL!!

 Since we put him back in school, he's been pretty happy. His grades are crazy good and nearly perfect in every subject. He gets that from dad. He's kind to the other kids even when friends are not (I hear stories that make me so sad, kids are mean). He's still mega addicted to Beyblades. I think it's the reengineering of them that keeps his interest. He's a great big brother to everyone but Mia...they have their moments. I'm starting to allow him to babysit for me for short stints and that is so glorious let me tell you. Zander is on the verge of turning ten and I simply cannot believe it as I watch him change from a little boy to a young man. I've had to buy him new shoes about once a month lately as he is growing so fast and really needs to stop! He is very spiritually minded. I often think of how in Chris's patriarchial  blessing it says "your children will help you keep the covenants you've made". I personally see how that comes into play as Zander often polices us! LOL! We're grateful for his reverent spirit.

All in all, he's just a treasure to have around here and we could not be more grateful.


Nicole said...

he is a one-of-a-kind for sure! that is really humbling and cool about chris' blessing. :)

Melissa said...

I agree, and remember it on days I get edited by them. Or when they remind us to have family prayer etc....they are good kids. Usually...