Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miss Mia

Our Miss Mia. We decided to play hooky yesterday and go get her hair done. She's growing quite the personality lately and in true Krantz fashion we want to embrace her need to express herself (as long as it's within the boundaries we've set up). Mia is a very good kid and we reward our good kids. While talking a while ago she mentioned wanting to get highlights put in her hair. At first I gasped...have you seen her head of heaven. That kid has some enviable hair. I want it...I had it actually before I had her.

But we figured that one strand would not kill the whole head so I decided to let them sleep in and go have a pamper day. She loved it. We put in a peek a boo highlight so we could pull her bangs back and see it or cover it up with the top layer. That way we won't see roots growing in as easily since this is not something we are doing every six weeks. We love our salon. They didn't even charge me for the color. I've never gotten a bad haircut from them. All of the ladies thought she was the cutest thing and really gushed over her. It was fun.

Mia is in second grade now and actually likes school. She is our super reader. She reads anything and everything. I often find her reading my books. She got asked to join a special book club at the school because of her accelerated reading level. Mama is proud. She is taking dance this semester...hip hop of course (note the shoes). She dances around the house like a little hip hopper and her baby sister follows every single thing she does. She is a ball full of energy and doesn't stop moving...ever. We put a basketball hoop outside and she is ALWAYS out there playing. She asked if she could go to a basketball camp for the summer. It's fun watching her dribble and shoot lefty. She's nuts! She also asked if she could start running with me. She loves running and I hope that sticks.

This is a big year for her as she will turn eight this summer and her father will have the opportunity to baptize her. She loves the Lord and is such a great example to me personally. She is always reading her scriptures and she actually runs family home evening....including reminding me to do it every monday. As crazy as she is for me, people constantly tell me what a sweetie she is and that makes me happy. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. It's breaking my heart!

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nuttbutts said...

Ezra is turning 8 in a few weeks. they do grow up waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast! i love her shoes :)