Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eryx lately

First up is Eryx!
Have you figured out how to pronounce his name yet? Most people get it pretty quickly, but over the internet it may be confusing. It's like Eric with a -s- sound on the end...Eryx. 

This little treasure stole my heart at hello. This year we watched him turn from a baby to a toddler. He is sweet as sweet can be and has been since day one. He sleeps perfectly eats perfectly and makes everyone laugh. You simply cannot resist this little guy if you live in this house. He's a show stopper. 

He is about to turn 15 months old and is every bit of that age. He says a ton of words, walks and feeds himself. This kid wants to grow up so quickly. He abandoned his pacifier (by his choice, not mine) at 6 months old and the bottle at a year. He is starting to get really annoyed at his diaper and we've noticed him saying "uh-oh" every time he goes potty in it. 

This little man is a mini Chris, but acts totally as Zander did as a baby. He completely adores his papa. It's actually scary. Eryx wants to always be in Papa's arms these days which is the first child to choose him over me. We are very excited to see him be the big brother in a few months. I hope he learns how to share quickly too, because we're going to have another little boy to smother soon. 

Feeding himself for the first time. "Am I doing this right?'

First steps

He's so big already! Oh and the dimples we love them!

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