Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Cards

We don't do them.

We used to do them, but now a days....we don't.

While I love love love getting them, I've learned that there are some things that are worth my crazy and some that are not. The mailed Christmas card has been put aside for now until I have more time on my hands...and less children in the home.

I hope that our lack of card does not make anyone feel slighted or forgotten. It's just a choice in good, better, best. I cannot do it all. I thought about doing New Year's cards this year. You know, a card sent out for the new year, after all of the crazy holiday events calm down. I may do that I'm not sure. Until then I've decided to do a little year in review highlighting each member of our family. Full with pictures and all. I hope this at least pacifies the requests and with the addition of this disclaimer, helps people know they weren't omitted from our list, but that there was not a list.


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