Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yesterday Chris stayed home sick from work for the first time that I can ever remember. He has been sick. We all have actually, but it really knocked him out. 

For his job, he travels a lot. Some months I will see him a total of three days a month. It's very hard because he is such a joy to be around that I miss him so much. Many people upon finding out that he travels so much always mention the obvious...how could I possible do everything that needs to get done with a family this size by myself, and how that would never fly in their homes. For me, when he is gone it is so hard, but not hard because of my increased work load.  Chris has always been busy. Wether in school or supporting our family, I've always had to carry the home load while he's carried the providing role. It's hard for me because he is truly my best friend, and I miss him. I miss his presence in the home. Not his hands to do the work, but him. 

A month ago he was told at work that they needed him to stay grounded and develop some training software that would limit his need to travel so much. I was thrilled. They told him that he has three months to get it done and was not to travel during that time. How wonderful it's been to have him here. He is hilarious and fun.

Growing up I was raised by my dad. I feel so sorry for him for having to raise a daughter on his own, and as an adult I am truly thankful for the sacrifices he made to make a better life for me. They were many. I learned from a young age what a good man was. I learned what traits to look for in a husband by watching my father work, provide and love me. He was not perfect, but he is a very honorable man and I'm thankful for his presence in my life. It wasn't until I was an adult that I've put this all together. As I look around this world and see the men out there I realize more and more every day how blessed I am to be surrounded by good men in my life. 

I read a quote on Pinterest the other day that said, don't marry a man that you wouldn't want your son to be exactly like....something like that. A few days ago we found out that we were having another boy and the emotion swelled up inside of me. I saw visions of our three little guys acting in God's name, serving missions, and being the type of husbands that their father is. I actually sent Chris a text that said that I couldn't wait to see what combination of Chris this one will end up being. Our boys are Chris in every way. I'm thankful for that. They are sweet, malleable, giving, faithful, kind, meek, and all of the things a mother and wife could ever ask for. 

When I started dating Chris I knew he was a good man. I'm thankful for the experiences in my life leading up to that point to help me recognize what a good man is. I'm thankful for the love he shows me and the children. We've been together for 12 years and he just keeps getting better. I'm grateful for our Temple covenants that keep our marriage safe. I trust him completely in every way and take great comfort in knowing that he is mine for all eternity. I'm thankful for a Father in Heaven that has given me this earthly family to adore and be adored by. What a blessing.

I'm glad he's been home so much lately because it's reminded me what a treasure he is and how important it is for him to be here more, even if that means making some changes at work. He is more than my best friend, he is my everything and I only pray that our daughters find a man just like him. It's hard to even put into words how I feel about him. Our relationship is our most prized possession and everyday as we polish it and work on it, I know that all of that effort and work is for a higher purpose in this life and the lives to come. 


Nicole said...

beautiful post. he is just as lucky to have you. ;)

nuttbutts said...

I love this! I remember when we started teaching Chris...he was amazing. So accepting and believeing. From a missionary perspective this was truly amazing. So many people are unable or unwilling to believe. Congratulations on baby boy! I love my 3 boys.

narnianne said...

I do love how you and Chris are made for each other. I'm so glad that my friend has someone she can loved to death and be herself with. You deserve to be happy.