Monday, October 31, 2011

the great rearrange and the never ending quest to not ruin the kids

This weekend we took it upon ourselves to rearrange rooms. We live in a four bedroom house, but have only been using three rooms as bedrooms. We have been using the third large bedroom for a playroom. The boys shared a room, and the girls shared a room.

Over the course of the last month or so it has become apparent that we will need to convert that third room into a bedroom once again. Pretty much every night one child would be found sleeping on my bedroom floor because the other child in the room woke them up. This mostly happened to Zander and Eryx. Eryx sleeps through the night, but he likes to wake up at night and call out for someone to save him....nobody ever does, but the pathetic plea wakes up Zander, and apparently the best place in the house is on the floor next to our bed. This was a good place until my husband stepped on Zander and nearly broke him in two. Zander has started to refer to himself as a Nomad and would look for places in the house just to be. I'd find him in the strangest spots. Zander has also been having some issues with wanting more space and more time to himself, so we decided to give the boys their own rooms and have the girls share the large bedroom we use as a playroom.

This of course has caused much issue with Mia. Comments like "you treat Zander like a king" and such poured out of her mouth. But hey, I didn't plan the birth order or genders in our family. Sorry chica, you're stuck with Elle until Zander moves out. That answer did not make her feel any better.

So anyway, this moving of bedrooms literally took our whole family the entire day on Saturday. I learned two things: first, our kids (girls) have way too much. Second, Mia is a total mess. That child saves everything and likes to collect things that will eventually end up in Eryx's throat. We would have one mess cleaned up and stumble upon a whole new one. Now I've been in many other homes and by comparison our children have minimal toys, but man o man was I tempted just to chuck it all out in the driveway and let the garage sale dwellers come and pilfer.

In the process of the move both of our littles (Eryx, Elle) started coughing. By that evening it was apparent that they both had developed croup. Croup is very scary for certain throats in our family. Mia almost died a few times from it and now to see Eryx getting as bad as she does freaks me out. So to the whole point of this blog post. When a child has croup the best thing to do is run a humidifier in their room all day and night. This makes it so their throats are moist and they can keep breathing.

My point, I've noticed that the last two nights now the littles (Eryx, Elle) have slept so soundly and slept very late into the morning. So my conclusion is, A. they are sick and need the sleep, or B. the white noise produced by the humidifiers keep it quiet enough in their rooms that the normal madhouse noise doesn't wake them up.

Has anyone every tried a white noise machine. Will they ruin you on falling asleep. I used to fall asleep to music as a teenager and for years...and even still actually, I have trouble falling asleep without that type of distraction. By buying them one will I be committing them to a lifetime of Brookstone shopping excursions....... any ideas?


Nicole said...

our kids have ALWAYS had white noise of some sort, either a fan or humidifier running in their rooms. i must have white noise to sleep....drowns out other noise that would normally wake me up. kids are used to noise (it's loud in the womb, it's loud in life, etc). good luck and hope they get to feeling better quickly. :)

nuttbutts said...

ada just had croup...scared me beacuse i thought it was whooping cough. she still has it a little here and there. also, elliott is a lot like zander in that he wants his own space. we dont have another room for him to move to so we have tried different things when he gets in his mood. like spending quiet time in my room with the door shut and all that. and ya know, our kids all come and sleep on our bedroom floor too!

Melissa said...

Sara that's awesome to know I'm not alone! Croup sounds so scary. The humidifier is a life saver in our house. Eryx still has it actually, but now it's moved into the third stage which is phlegmy coughs. Good times! As far as the boys I bet it's the age. I'm getting scared!! Lol! I used to let him hang in my room, but the girls would ambush him in there. They run the house you see!! Lol!