Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"what are you going to do when YOU grow up?"

This seems to be the question to ask little kids. It gets to me when people ask my kids that question, or tell me what their kids want to be when THEY grow up. At 9, 7, 3, they are hardly in any position to really answer that question, and if they can, what does it even mean.

At 32 years old I've figured out what I want to do when I grow up, but it took some years and exploration. I hope my children have a career path picked out before they are 32 years old of course, but do I really care what that is?? No! I want them to be educated to their fullest. I want them to be good people who give of themselves with nothing reserved.


A sweet friend of mine told me about this book months ago, and while I was at the bookstore I found it and had to buy it for them. It speaks of exactly what I mean. It's about a little boy who has "big plans".

 It never talks about what those plans are exactly, but it talks about his excitement, his desire, enthusiasm to do whatever "big plan" he has.

 He tells the whole world of his plans. He shouts it to everyone who will listen.

 So it got me thinking, I don't really care if my children are medical doctors, or lawyers. I don't care what car they will drive, or the size of their bank account. As children, I don't care if they boast the career of their desire to people who ask. I hope they have "big plans". I hope they have plans much bigger than making money. I hope they want to do good and be good. I don't care their vocation. I care about their heart.

You may just look at me and say, well you are just a stay at home mom. Yeah, well so what? I too have big plans. I've put a lot of those in motion and have many more. I'm so grateful that my life has afforded me the opportunity to seek those plans out and not spend all of my time seeking out a paycheck. I've always had big plans you see...what are yours? You should ask Zander what his are...he will tell you, and I hope it happens.

And to my friend with who introduced me to this book...I hope your big plans are working out!


Lone Blob said...
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Lone Blob said...

(Oops, I totally had to fix a typo.) Tell Chris hi from the Kings! :) My mom was talking about Freddy tonight and I realized I haven't heard anything about Chris in a long time. I'm glad I found your blog, Melissa!