Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"smile, it causes less wrinkles"

I grew up in dark places. I was surrounded, at times, by misfortune. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine in my childhood homes. Those times are gone and I still am. When you come from yuck, you have such a great perspective on what is really truly YUCK.

I can't help but notice how most people seem to be so apathetic. So negative. It's tiring really. Things happen, life happens. No matter how you fight it, CRAP happens. You have no choice in the matter. You cannot choose your trials. That can be a very frustrating reality for many people. But does that mean you just slump your head and plod along angry at the world, always looking for the poop in situations. I don't think so. I think many people choose that course because it's easier, but it's not better. No ma'am!

The only real thing in this life that you can control is YOU.

I got into a conversation with my Mia this morning on the way to school. Her teacher told her that she had to bring a stuffed animal to school, and we forgot one. Mia was pretty upset, not because she forgot her toy, but because her teacher told her that she HAD to do it. They were not using this toy for any learning purpose, just to snuggle on the last fun days of school. She said that her teacher told her that she had to do everything she said. I get that, I see that. I told her that well she doesn't have to. Mia looked confused. I told her that I am her boss and she MUST listen to only me...now I'm joking with her. She then asked me..."who is your boss?". Hmm...who is my boss???

I guess a good answer would have been God, but that 's not exactly right. I told her that when you are an adult, you are your own boss. You choose what you do everyday, what you eat, what you wear, when you go to bed. You govern yourself. She then shouted a very apathetic, "unfair!". I told her that when you are an adult you've grown into the tools that God has given you to make all of those choices and how to align them with what He has commanded you to do. I told her that sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure out those tools, but it doesn't have to.

So this brings me to choices. There are a few things that in this life that I've chosen to really work hard on. I've chosen to make a priority, and I can say that I've mastered them. One is the power of positivity. It's rare that I don't look at the positive in a negative situation. I always wake up every morning so excited for the day, even when nothing is going on, and even more when we are busy. When I'm sick or hurt, I have a grateful heart that it will not be forever, and my perspective changes when I'm well.

How much better is our life when we focus on the good instead of always seeking out the bad to complain about. There's so much bad that I think if we let it all in we will become bad. I've seen it happen...I know some people...LOL! In every situation there is some good. I cannot think of one situation that does not have a potential positive in it. But what will you choose?

Don't be a complainer. If you see something you don't like, instead of complaining about it and bringing everyone around you down with you. Step up and make a change. I try really hard to surround myself with people who pull me up, not push me down. I want to spend my time with friends that make me feel good when I'm with them....not complain complain complain in my presence. I want to be the sort of friend that lifts those I'm around. I want people to want to be around me, not push me out of their life because I'm a Debbie Downer. You see my point here? We all know those people...both sides. Who do you prefer to be around?

So next time you are inclined to complain or focus on the negative...leave it. Let it go. Search out the good, it's in there I promise you it is!

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