Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One more thing

We've been getting really close around here. The home school change has been great. One benefit that I never even considered when we started was this...

Once the older children get old enough, mom starts to become subtracted from the equation a bit. Zander is teaching Elle how to read. He reads to her every day and it is his responsibility to teach her her letter sounds. She has her own curriculum that we (Zander) uses with my supervision of course.

I never would have thought that our decision to remove Zander from Public School would increase the relationship he has with his three year old sister, or teach Zander how to essentially teach.

They are becoming best buddies these days. This relationship was beginning to get strained before home school. Zander is one busy kid in the evenings. They really didn't see each other much. Now...well you can see for yourself....priceless!

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