Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I'd rather see the world from another angle"

When I was fifteen I worked at Best Buy. Well actually when I turned fifteen I worked at McDonald's for about twenty minutes, and promptly after seeing that job as a bust I got a job at Best Buy. I worked in the "media" section which means that my life at work consisted mainly of organizing, finding, and dusting Cd's.

It was a great fit because as any fifteen year old, I was obsessed with music. I designed shirts for my favorite bands in my free time. I drew new cover art for my favorite Cd. I even wrote poetry that was inspired by the flavor of my favorite songs. Best Buy was a perfect researching ground. I would spend a lot of time looking through the stacks and stacks of Cd's for my next find.

I remember the day I happened upon Jewel for the first time. Her Cd had just come out but not hit the radio yet. The album cover intrigued me so I bought it. I was impressed with her crooked teeth and chubby thighs. Her voice too was great, and her lyrics I liked even better.

The last week or so I've been listening to that album on my ipod (what's a cd?). We listen to music while we do just about anything. I was raised by the tv so it seems that I need noise but the tv distracts Zander from school, so we listen to music. Her songs have come alive to me again as an adult and I understand a deeper meaning to her lyrics. Her money fixed her crooked teeth, and fame fixed her thighs, but I still adore her voice and wit.

There is a lyric in one of her songs that I've adored since I first heard it over fifteen years ago. It's my quote on the blog ironically. The whole song that the lyric is pulled out of is pretty much a great description of me. But this lyric, in all of it's simplicity is my mantra.

So thank you Jewel. Thank you for living in your car and yodeling out songs. I adore them as much as I did your chunky thighs! And even though your music took an odd turn after that first Cd, I still think you're pretty cool.


Kathleen Jackson said...

She grew up about 50 miles from Sonny in Homer Alaska. even though she claims she is from cali, not sure how you change where you are from. but I love her too, cool post. Good seeing you today.

Melissa said...

It's was so good to see you! I even hugged you. That surprised me because I'm usually too crabby to touch! Lol! I think she says she's from Alaska, ran away or something....I don't know...I'm really trying to do this blog thing again. Mostly because it feels so good to word vomit on people other than my poor husband.