Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There's no food in your food.

It seems to me that the better the foods I feed my family the higher and higher my grocery bill goes. I can feed my family a box of hamburger helper and a can of corn for less than I would pay for one single red bell pepper. How is that? I consider Hamburger Helper to be similar to dog food. Although because they love it so, I make it a few times a month. I choose to eat cold cereal on those nights. Dog food ain't my thang you see!

Lately I've made a goal of trying to feed the family more nutrient rich foods. They will still get Hamburger Helper once in a while, but I'm trying to educate myself on the so called "power foods" and incorporating them more. My kids (except Elle) are good eaters. They love fruits, nuts and veggies, but it seems that we are stuck in a bit of a food rut and it's time to expand a bit. I can't help want to step it up a little in the nutritional area. So off we go.

I've been watching Dr. Oz for the last two weeks while Chris' grandpa visited us. I don't normally watch daytime TV, but for some reason when grandpa was watching this show, all of us got sucked in. I really learned so much about food as medicine, or as a preventative measure. Since I hate medicine and love food, its pretty much a sure fit.

I would see something on the show and make a study of it. I really have learned so much that I almost feel silly. Dr. Oz?!? yes Dr. Oz! It's really a quality show. One of the few on tv these days...aside from Jersey Shore. Man I love that Jersey Shore! I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs or drink coffee...but boy do I love that Jersey Shore!

Anyway, on this quest for higher eating, I've discovered that good nutrient dense food is really expensive. Why is that? They usually just have to pick it. Unlike my foe Hamburger Helper which is processed to death and all kinds of garbage is added in...good food is pure and simple. Maybe it's like edible gold. Gold is natural unprocessed, but very expensive. I'm going to hang onto that analogy. It just makes me feel better.

I am thankful for this recent epiphany I've had. I've found that by eating better, I'm focusing much less on how much I'm eating. Its less of a numbers game and I feel good with that. Numbers haunt the constant dieter. I don't want to diet, I want to eat natural, clean, healthy food. I think man has done enough to our food. We should take some of that back a little. Really pay attention to what you put in your mouth. It all has its effects. Foods create chemical reactions in our bodies.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not going all organic. I'm not eating a diet of solely twigs and hay. But instead of the sugary cereals I'm buying the healthier ones. Instead of the processed instant oatmeal, I'm buying the ones with all natural ingredients. Things like this you see. Oh and NUTS...eat nuts! I never knew how important nuts were! I don't really love nuts, but I can find a way to get em in daily.

I am so thankful for research. I am so thankful that my husband doesn't do research anymore...who said that? Anyway, I really think all things put on this earth by our Heavenly Father have a duel proposes...think about it...a good and a bad. I'm seeking out the good in my food, and hopefully teaching my littles to have an appreciation for the better. I know they will still down a box of fruit snack between the three of them if I'm not looking, but I'm searching for an appreciation here, an exposure.

So go watch Dr. Oz. You will surely learn something. He pretty much blows my mind everyday. I am rather simple minded though, so not too shocking.

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nuttbutts said...

i hear ya sister. there is a site calld out of the box food that has all sorts of recipies for better food. you should check it out!