Saturday, December 11, 2010

The going ons

Where have I been? Oh my its been a long time since I've blogged. I Think about it all of the time, but I just don't really have anything to say right now.

Life is good in the hood and a feeling of contentment has fallen over us. Baby boy is here and just the most easy wonderful baby, Elle is the cutest stinkin three year old, Mia is a reading machine, Zander is a swimming machine, Chris is working like a dog, Melissa is running like an old faucet. We are here doing what we do, and very happily might I add.

Christmas is upon us. Our family is doing something different this year in regards to gifts. Chris is tired of all of the commercialization of Christmas, so were trying to keep it in focus better this year.

We are staying close to home this year and having our Semi-annual Krantz Pizza Party. Last year Chris produced 22 pizzas in a few hours...We have many more local friends this year (yay!) and I'm curious to see what that will bring in regards to flour on every surface of our house. Ohh but its so worth it!

So that's what's been going on. See not much exciting to report. Thank goodness!


nuttbutts said...

'z'oh what i wouldnt give to be at that pizza party! i am curious what you are doing about gifts. last year we did all homemade. this year its needful things like clothes or educational things for school. i think it is more fun anyway!

Caryn said...

Hello runnin' girl! I'm very surprised you don't have anything to say. I think you do, you always do. And I always love to listen! Pizza party, eh? Well, not to be impolite or impose... does your one time Turbo Kick instructor get to come? You know it won't hurt my feeling if you already have a full house! After all, it was just one class.

Melissa said...

Sara we're doing three gifts for each kid total. We're trying to focus the holiday on the Savior instead of the gimmies! So far we're diong well.

Maddie Caryn...I'm sure there is room! But I have to warn you...most def not a healthy evening! And you are more to me than a turbo kick