Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the need to breed...

 There is the huge debate in our house about how many children we should have. It's been a debate for YEARS and YEARS...about ten to be exact. Chris was happy with one, then two, then three...he's still coming around to the idea of four, but I must say that five is going to be happening and the sooner he gets used to the idea the better. I just wonder how much it's going to cost me...you see I bribe my husband for children. He really has no say in the matter because one, I'm controlling, and two it's a righteous desire that you can't dispute. He likes to joke around and make people think that he is done, but if you know me at all...well....we are not.

Some people have asked us why we want/have SOOO many children (in my opinion a family with four kids is on the large side of a small family). I always hated telling our family that we were expecting because I always felt that they viewed children and large families as a bad thing. I'm not sure why they sent out those vibes, but I am sure about the reasons why we should/need to have a large family...
Our children along with Chris and I are basically alone. They don't have cousins...not a one. They don't have aunts or uncles that they see or know. They don't really have grandparents that are involved much (this goes in phases, but nothing really consistent). They have a lot of family that I just can't let them be around because of just bad bad stuff that one day I will blog about, but not today...its a happy day I don't want to ruin it.

So as you can see, our kids are alone, much like I was raised alone. After living that life, I don't want them to have that. My kids will have eachother. They will have each other to laugh with, make fun of, hug, spend holidays with, hold each others children, watch get married, send on missions, they will take care of each other, they will cherish each other and be cherished by someone. The will be surrounded by people who know them and look like them. Chris and I will likewise have the same things. We will have the family we always wished we had, the family we needed but lacked.

Not to say that there won't be issues. I'm not trying to create perfection here, I'm trying to give them what is most important in this life...family! So the next time someone gives me the WOW your hands are full comment...well I don't know what I will do, but I will know that it is a good thing. I always tell Chris, who often gets overwhelmed by our  house full of kids, that one day...one day we will be old and gray surrounded by our children and their children...and he will realize what I was trying to do all of these years, and in that moment of realization he will lean over and whisper in my ear "Thank you"!  Now I hope it doesnt take that long, but he is a bit stubborn you see.

So we will keep breeding until we are told that we are done. We will treat our children as treasures because that is what they are. What a gift they are! I admire those who are selfless enough to fill their houses with children. The lessons learned from them are priceless.


nuttbutts said...

all RIGHT already! we are working on it! you do have beautiful children. i think people with beautiful children should breed...we need more beautiful kiddos on this earth!

teamBoo said...

that hair!!!...isn't it obvious why you would have more ;)

kids can be turds, but they mostly rock.