Thursday, October 7, 2010

The real issue

I've had another epiphany. This one came as a slap in the face, but I was so excited by it. You've all heard me rant on public school...come on you know you have. Well after our summer of home schooling, we decided that it would be best to send the kids back to public school. Not because of failure on any part. It was very successful in so many ways, but we just couldn’t shake the feeling that they needed to be there.

It was a tough pill to swallow because I really wanted them to stay home. We've always struggled with Zander and various problems he had with school mostly boredom and a general intolerance for other kids. He has had just as many social hang-ups as I've had academic hang ups. But we sent him; we knew it was the right thing for whatever reason.

So now that we are knee deep in the school year, I am very happy to report that the claims that 3rd grade gets tougher are right. Zander is in a wonderful class and has a teacher that recognizes that he needs more. For the first time EVER in school, he told me something was hard and he had to think about it for a minute. I loved it!!!

Ok so the epiphany...two weeks ago we had a packet sent home with a newsletter in it talking about GT kids their common traits and challenges. As I read this list, I almost fell over. The list of about fifty things good and bad, were my Zander. The bad were everything I've ever hated about public school. I had been placing his traits onto the school as if it was the school, but no, it was Zander. And well nobody complains about the goods so I didn't need to go there.

I always used to wonder why nobody else ever had a problem with public school like I do. I have so many friends who have never had one concern I've had. And now I know why. It was just us, (there are a total of five GT kids in Zander's grade and I don't know one of the parents of these children very well). What a relief this gave me!!! But there was also another side of it.

I think that sometimes people think that GT parents are braggy or showy. Let me tell you, the more I've studied this categorizing of my child, the more and more difficult I've learned that its going to be. I think having a GT kid is just as challenging as having a learning disabled kid. It's hard and sad for them and for us parents to watch the challenges they are faced with. They are different challenges yes, but challenges for sure.

Mia shows many of the same traits that Zander does. She is a different animal altogether though. They will asses her at the end of second grade to determine if she is truly GT. For now she is in another program for the younger kids. She also had to pass some testing to qualify for this program. But she has never had any of the other issues Zander has had. I'm not sure yet if she is being challenged at school since she's just in 1st grade and all, but I do know that she has already read every book the teacher has in her! They are very different children and let me tell you what a challenge it will be if she too is GT...But she's already a challenge anyway...ugh!

So there was my promised update for those of you who asked. I apologize for my public school bashing. My eyes have been opened a bit. I am also very thankful that we live in such a great school district. I've always said that. Our district is one of the best in Houston. People move here just for the schools. We did! I'm thankful that I've learned that our challenges are not the schools fault, but how they handle our challenges is on them. All I can say is that things are looking up and I'm hopeful.

Next post will be all's the warning now! No we haven’t had him yet, but soon! This poor kid will be phototgraphed like no other. I've been cooking up ideas for months...wait for it!!


nuttbutts said...

i have been wonering about that...was planning on chatting with you about it. i think we are planning on sending elliott to school. a HUGE thing for me, believe me! and i too dont know why yet. i dont think he will be a GT kid, but for some rason i think he is supposed to go.

nuttbutts said...

maybe its because i dont know how to spell...i meant reason!

Melissa said...

Oh sarah I so don't know how to what! You've mentioned that before about Elliott...there are goods and bads as you know. Zander is feeling better this far.

The Franchi Family said...

I have issues with public school as well. Public school failed both my brother and I. Public schools force mediocraty, and if you are at either end of the special needs spectrum then you just get screwed, and it's especially bad for those at the gifted end...even worse if you are twice exceptional (having a mental illness like ADD and being gifted). If I could homeschool my children, I think I probably would.