Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I will, I won't

So you may notice my new handy dandy ticker over there <-------------! Back in July I decided that I would make it a goal to run the Houston Half Marathon. It started as an idea to run the 5k, being that I will just have given birth and all, but after thought and calendar inspection, I realized that I could pull off a half.

I started training for it yesterday and I am beyond thrilled! Becasue I'm sick like that and all! So Elle, Eryx and I loaded up the stroller, the ipod, the water bottle and hit the streets of Kingwood. The training schedule I use says to start walking for a few weeks leading up to the running and I'm going to respect that because I am a big fan of not getting injured or overtrained.

I'm very pleased to say that I had the urge to run in me and am pretty sure if I weren't pushing 60 extra pounds of kids and steel I would have. I didn't, and am glad that I didn't, but man there was that little voice that kept telling me to run already! I'm very glad that the pregnancy me didn't kill the runner me. I was worried.

Now I know I had Eryx a little over a week ago and you're supposed to wait six weeks to exercise...blah blah. I feel great and totally back to normal already, and if there is one thing I know inside and out, it's my body. I pay very close attention to every aspect of it and I know it well. I'm surprised to feel this good already and the only thing I can say about it is it has to be because I exercised through out the whole pregnancy in some way. I had to stop running at six months due to bladder issues, but I did other things to keep up some of my endurance.

So with race training comes a whole slew of changes that have to take place so enter my

I will/ I won't list:

I will stop processed sugar...again...oh how I love you so!

I will work out one hour everyday except Sunday even when Chris is outta town.

I won't make the kids fetch me stuff upstairs because I'm too lazy to do it.

I won't complain about how sore I am after my ten mile runs...ten miles is my pain marker...it hurts!

I won't eat more than 1500 calories...so they better be packed with goodness.
I will actually stretch...who has time to stretch?

I will run even when it's cold outside...I get cold at 70 degrees.

I'll try not to bore those around me with my training stories and my VERY STRONG testimony of running. Yes I used a church word there...it's applicable!

That pretty much sums it up for me. These are things I do when I'm trying to either lose weight, or train for a race. By themselves they are hard enough, but all added up...pfew! They've always worked for me in the past so we'll keep it up.

Is there anything you've every wanted to do and thought that there was no way? Have you ever set goals and totally blew them out of the water? Is it hard for you to make up your mind to do something and then actually DO IT? Have you ever felt the incomparable joy of beating your mental self...after all it's ALL mental right?

I've done all of those things and I learned that no greater self esteem can come from watching yourself succeed at something that you weren't sure you could do and something others knew you wouldnt....people suck!

So my challenge is pick something off that list and DO IT ALREADY!

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