Tuesday, September 7, 2010

this guy

I just realized that Chris is never really shown on the blog. Some of you may doubt his existance really.

He has this cousin named Billy that I am positive does not exist. In 12 years of knowing Chris and his family, I have never met this childhood buddy named Billy. I often see pictures, I've heard stories, but have never met him. So maybe to many of you, Chris is my mystery Billy.

But let me assure you he does in fact exist. The baby in my belly proves that to some extent I guess. Like most husbands this one works hard. Most often you will find me alone with my three baby ducks while Chris is doing whatever it is that he does.

I have to say even though his presence is scarce to those living in the world outside of our house, he is real. Real amazing, real funny, real kind, real great with his kids, real sweet to me. So if you by chance catch him on the outside, don't stare, it's really him.

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Sarah said...

I've even seen him in person. He IS real.