Saturday, September 25, 2010

On the bright side of madness

So I think I have the tendancy to be a little negative on this here blog. It's kind of funny because when it comes to life, I am really optimistic. I always, and I mean always, focus on the happy and bright in situations, with one exception, people. I am an observer, and I just can't help but notice how ick people are. I think about it. I dwell on it. I blog about it. People facinate me. Also I've spent much time around very disappointing all these things add up you know...but I'm going to try to make a change.

I started blogging in the fall of 2002. We just moved from Chicago to southern Illinois so Chris could start his Bachlors degree. Zander was a few months old. Chris made me start a web page so that our family could keep up with the growth of Zander. Over the years my blogging turned from pictures of my babies eating their first globs of rice cereal to me blabbering about what I'm thinking and so forth. I talk to my blog as if I were talking to my best friend...but maybe not quite as dramatic. I have a tendancy to talk with my can be dangerous.

The truth is I love blogging. I love writing them, and reading others blogs. I love when someone dares to comment. I comment on all of my friends blogs if I can. After all I always have something to say right?!?

Some of my friends who read this blog now, read it back then. Although my audience is small...I am so thankful for everyone who reads it. I'm not sure what it does for you, but you keep coming back so I know there is something. I know to some of you I am a pest, and that's great too. I love that as well! I AM a pest! Ask Chris, he will tell you!

But I wonder in all of this blogging have I really conveyed who I am? So in an attempt to express that I am more than just a pest, I'm going to copy a blog that I stalk and write a "list of things that make me terribly happy". You all know what irks me, so now you will get my happy list! These are just a few in no order at all...

1. fresh peaches
2. new running shoes
3. the sound of my husband's truck approaching our house
4. the smell of a tomato plant...odd but just the plant has this smell that makes me so happy.
5. my little ones eyelashes
6. silence...

Have you ever though about what your happy list is??? Wanna share?


nuttbutts said...

hum...a happy list. sounds fabulous! tomato plants? i think i can get that though...your a foodie...fresh yummy tomatoes. makes me happy thinking about it!

Denise said...

Hmm.. Happy List...Kinda like the bucket except we dont have to kick it right? lol

1) Acceptance of myself & others through a true smile
2) a clean house
3) a new word opened up
4) Fudge
5) Pound cake
6) fresh strawberrys & cool whip...(okay NOW I am hungary! lol
7) Seeing my kids have an ahh ha moment
8) Being on time..a rare treat here
9) Sitting in the sun and reading until I snooze off.
10) The future
11) TIVO!!!!!

The Franchi Family said...

My happy list...seems a pretty hard thing to come up with right now, but I'll try, maybe it'll help.
1. My babies laughing
2. Watching a good movie
3. A mail day with NO BILLS
4. Apple picking
5. Candy!
6. Going to the zoo

Melissa said...

aww you guys actually did one! Love it!