Monday, September 20, 2010

I am a photographer

It feels so strange calling myself that. Just like when you have your first baby and you are now a takes a while for it to sink in. Or when you get married and you are a wife...shivers...!

Sometimes Chris adds in the word professional to photographer which makes me cringe because that just sounds so official. What qualifies that...I think money. Someone who charges money for their time...professional? What about the person that only charges pennies for her time because she just loves what she does and feels guilty about charging people WAY too much money like everyone else does.

I've had a few things happen to me over the last couple weeks that have made me really analyze the type of photographer I want to be when I grow up. Did you know there are different kinds of photography...oh so many!

The trend these days is to buy a fancy camera that you don't know how to work and charge people an obscene amount of money to take ehhh shots because your fancy camera and Photoshop can make them look better than average. AND people will pay you for that...well I think. I don't do that. So I don't really know, but people who I've known that do that seem successful and all. People go to them to get the exact same shot that everyone else got for the same obscene amount of money. The same family shot in the same place with the same makes me scream. Not because said photographer is getting paid, but because PEOPLE think that is good. It's stealing the art out of the art. I'm a puriest I suppose.

I look at photography so differently. I look at the artistic side of it not the $$$ side of it. As you can tell it offends me when the above mentioned is done. It offends the art. It's like when I trained SIX months to run a marathon and someone whom I know did the training in six weeks...the journey was in the training...not the race. It offended the art of the run. And it's stupid to boot because of the risk of injury...but that's another post.

Now I know that there is a learning curve to photography, but you either got it or you don't. As with any talent, there seems to be a natural tendency that goes with it. Photographers have an eye. They see the world differently. You can't Photoshop that in.

So that leaves me to where I am now. After all of the classes, and time I've put into this love of mine, what type of photographer do I see myself as? Not portraiture, but I do love taking pictures of people. I think I would love to take pictures for National Geographic, or plain old gallery art. Pictures that have meaning and make you feel something. Pictures that require research and travel to capture that special something that is out there and so often overlooked by the busy.

I think this takes the "photographer" title out of the equation and puts in the "artist" title. Now that one I feel better with. That one fits. No cringe, no gag, and no guilt for charging people money...artist. Someone who creates, not just records. Do photographers like that exist anymore or did they die with film and developer? I think they do.

There is this one that I adore. Even though she is a portrait her work is so special. AND she charges for it, but SHE is worth the price. If I couldn't take pictures I'd go to her. Check out her site.... You will fall in love!

I have another friend who also does portraiture, but her gift is with newborns. Everyone has a specialty I've decided. I know what mine is, I just need to find the avenue. That's going to be tricky. I'm not interested in money; Chris makes enough for our family. As with everything else, I'm interested in self satisfaction. Setting a goal and not just reaching it, blowing it out. I'm interested in motivating others to do the same with their goals. There is something very satisfying about figuring out your gifts and making the most of them. So here I go, the hunt continues...

One last thing, from time to time I post my work on this blog...the other one, or on facebook. Thank you guys for your comments so much. The encourgement is very powerful in my life. Although it seems that a bunch of my blog viewers are silent often get through and I am very thankful for your voice!!! Please stop being so stinkin shy!!! I love my readers!


Sarah said...

Love ya and am so glad you are blogging about your life. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

I just hope I don't scare people away...I'm kinda nuts and all!