Thursday, September 16, 2010

Defenseless baby torture

There is this blog I stalk that is having what she calls a "defenseless baby contest". Well I'm not sure if it is a contest or just a way to get some creativity going in her readers, but either way working on this today with Elle was so much fun! I submitted the one below, but I liked the mermaidesque one too so I put it up here.
Could not have been a better afternoon for us...well except everytime I had to bend down to fix something in the shot my lunch nearly followed. I swear I am almost able to cough this baby out, not to mention the dish of funeral potatoes I've eaten. Anyway check out her blog! It's really funny and the girl is so creative! Team Boo 

Now I don't know if one of my pictures will get picked to even be shown on the blog...I'm a little insecure around the creative you see...but hers are worth looking at...soo funny!

***UPDATE*** I did make it on the blog!!! Yay me!

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