Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Mia

She is the one that looks most like me and I just think she's so stinkin cute. I'm hoping that baby boy has her features, especially the hair and eyes. I'm sure he will be a Chris clone like the other two, but here's to wishing...six more weeks until we meet the little critter.

I took this picture of Mia on her first day of school and it is simply perfection. It's not just about elements of a photo, but capturing the subject in an honest is Mia in every it.

For her homework last night she had to interview me on the story of her name. Mia means mine in Spanish, and in every sense of the word she is ME and MINE!

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nuttbutts said...

she is adorable! hope your feeling day soon i will be back on line more often and for longer periods...perhaps a chat is in oreder :)