Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just me and my baby(ies)

So after much back and forth and pain and conversation, the kids both decided to go back to public school....grrr! Mia was pretty sure from the beginning that she was going back. We already knew who her teacher was and that made it all better. She has the same teacher Zander did for first grade and we LOVED her so much. You could not ask for a better teacher.

Then there's Zander...oh how we struggled with this decision. Everyone told me that it gets serious in third grade and I feared that they would be right and I would have yanked him too soon. So we decided to give it a few months and if its the same ol same ol we would do home school. I need to know we did everything and have no regrets. After all, there are positives that public school offers that I can't....a few, but they are big ones. We'll see how it goes and decide in January if there needs to be a change with him.

Zander's new teacher is also amazing. I am so impressed with her. She graduated from Vanderbilt and got her masters at Harvard. She specializes in Gifted and Talented kids. She plays the guitar to the kids and she believes in letting kids move around. All of the teachers at the school were trying so hard to get THEIR own kids in her class this year. And there are so many kids Zander adores in his class this year. So this leaves me hopeful. We will see!

But what about me??? WHAT ON EARTH WILL I DO EVERYDAY? Homeschool took up at least five hours of my day everyday this summer...On Monday it will be just Elle...and me...and my growing belly....and a very clean house...I can't run....or go to the's too hot to garden....any suggestions here would be great! Luckily I will get baby boy in a few weeks to keep me busy, but as any mother knows, babies are easy. They sleep and look cute, they get hard at about two for us. UGH! THEN Elle will be going to Kinder soon....I'm having a moment here...hold on....

I have a few things on my project list before baby boy comes, I have to make some curtains, paint some bedrooms...I really want to put fresh flowers in pots all around our house...But seriously without three kids on my hip this will take a few days....any suggestions here? Chris may tell me to get a job...haha!

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