Friday, July 23, 2010

Seems like forever ago...

that I was training for the marathon. Unless you've done it, I can't explain how special of an experience it is. The journey was truely in the four months of training. I've known people who have skipped out on parts of the training and I know that the experience could not have been the same.

You learn so much about yourself during that time. It takes time for habits to stick and goals to be realized. Skipping any part of that is not only physically dangerous, but just not catching vision of what it is all about. In fact, when it came time to run the actual 26.2 miles, I had already grown and learned AND run so much that it seemed unnecessary to do the actual race.

The joy was in the journey. I didn't need bragging rights or a T-shirt. I had already beat it and myself. But of course I still ran it and it was one of the five best days of my life...seriously.

About 8 months ago i made the goal of trying to qualify for Boston, but then and you all know...we got knocked up...sooo. I had to put that plan back on the list. It really broke my heart, but that could in no way compete with the joy of expecting our fourth here I am.

Inevitably near the end of every pregnancy every woman makes the resolve to get in shape after the baby is born. Its funny how when you can't really work out it's all you want to do. I can no longer run, and it's ALL I long to do. I had to stop about a month ago due to the constant need to urinate during runs. But I've been walking about three miles a day. I can see although that the walking will soon end too since I basically have one long contraction the entire time. Probably not good.

So where does this leave me...SAD! So so sad. I never thought I'd be that girl, but man that marathon changed me so much. I won't be able to run a full marathon this January, I just won't have time after the baby is born. I've decided to run the Houston's half marathon. IF I get picked in the lottery. They changed it to a lottery system due to the massive enrollment of the race last year. It's supposed to be a great course. If all goes well with that I want to try to run the full marathon in Dallas this March.

Now after the last one I did promise Chris that I wouldn't run another full...but we both knew that was just soreness talking. After all I couldnt walk right for a week. That just can't be healthy. But a girl has goals you know.

I have a friend that ran two marathons just to prove to herself that the first one wasnt a fluke...I love that. As if running 26.2 miles could be a fluke....but I really would like to try it again and cut some time. It felt so good to be involved in something bigger than myself. When you are training for something like that you learn so much about self dicipline...a topic I love. You get in amazing shape and learn so much about your body. If you've ever thought about it, I strongly encourage you to do it. You will be changed forever.


Sarah said...

You are amazing- but I already knew that. If I ever decide to run instead of swim, I'll have to get a training program from you.

Melissa said...

Sarah, I tried swimming. Last summer about a month after the marathon. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. Swimming requires coordination, an ability that I lack in spades...I admire swimmers. Anyone can run...well just know what I mean.