Friday, July 30, 2010

A Post for the Grandparents

So I believe there is a very fine line between bragging and blogging. Let me underline this post for you all. This post is least if I say it I won't feel guilty. But in all reality, this post if for the grandparents. Zander had a great season of summer swim and this post has been sitting in my draft box for over a month. After relentless asking by the family to show his it is. To keep it interesting, I'll try to interject some of the in's and out's of summer swim league...OR if this post makes you barf a little in your the red X on top right corner of the screen....ok here we go.

Two summers ago we put Zander into summer swim league. It is huge here in Houston, especially in our town. He always had a desire to be in the water. He loved the pool from really, I have stories. When he was less than a year old, he and I took a mommy and me swimming class, the kid was all over the place. Anyway another reason we wanted to put him in a sport was to help Zander learn how it felt to not be the best. This sounds silly, but as far as school goes, Zander is always the best. His head was a little inflated so we thought swim would be a good way to help him learn how to

Last summer he did fine. He held his own. He pretty much fell at the middle of the pack. By the end of the season he had shown huge improvements though, but by no means was he the best. It was a great summer. We considered putting him in year round swimming at that point but held back. Mom wasn't ready for that commitment. So the year came and went and the start of another summer season was on us. We of course put him in again, as if we had a choice. He set some goals at the end of last season for this summer and he wanted to meet those goals.

He swims on the Boys 7-8 team. At a normal meet he will swim against about 35 boys. This season Zander constantly held his own finishing in the top five most of the time. He swims against/with boys who swim year round. A few times he won races against the year rounders. This kid has my spirit for sure. Also a side note, he is the smallest boy on the team. This is not an advantage in swimming. The longer you are, the longer your reach, the faster you get to the end.

At the end of the season we have divisionals. It's where all of the teams in our division compete against each other. Lots and lots of boys to swim against. This year Zander earned the this medal:

This medal was his very first one and the most exciting thing ever. He came in fifth place out of over 65 boys while swimming is the hardest stinkin stroke. Boys have a harder time than girls because of what I call the wiggle. He came in fifth and qualified for a special invitational based on his time. The top eight finishers got a medal and the color of the ribbon denotes their place. During the same divisional meet he received 8th place in breast stroke. The second hardest stroke. The other medal he got was for qualifying for the invitational.These light blue ribbons are for time improvements. Until the last few meets, he cut time every meet he swam. This is the goal in swimming. You compete against yourself to beat your old time. He did an amazing job this summer and in some strokes had times right up with the best swimmers in his age.

This trophy he was awarded at the end of the season banquet. In every age group and gender there are only three extra awards given out to the kids. Most improved, highest point earner, and coaches choice. Zander got coaches choice. Constantly throughout the season the coaches would tell me how teachable he is (this I already knew and loved about the kid). But this is such a compliment to me as a mom. He was focused and ready to learn and he was rewarded for that. I cried when he got this one....because I'm pregnant and I always cry....pregnant or not really...its kinda lame.  

So these were his physical accomplishments of this summer league season. The things we learned about Zander and his inner self were much larger. I think it's funny how our intention to help him learn how to lose is not really working out for us. Not coming in first for everything really set a fire under him and I can't wait to see where he will be after a year of swimming everyday...

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