Saturday, June 12, 2010

Home School Week #1 Thoughts

So I've been really quiet this week because we've been so busy trying to figure this home school thing out.
I never would have imagined that homeschooling the kids would have brought out such a positive reaction in our whole family. I thought that the main benefit of it would be a better education for our children, but after only a week, I cannot really say much about that yet. The difference I did see was an enormous increase in family unity.

We spend four hours a day together learning, sharing, reading, and just plain old being right on top of each other. I worried that this would bring out the worst in them, but it was the opposite. Their patience with each other grew leaps and bounds. My patience with them grew. They helped each other, read to each other, taught each other. My house has never been in such order. In a weeks time my family changed in enormous ways. I see why people do this. The only thing I can compare it to is my conversion. I'm dead serious. My eyes have been opened to this and I cannot deny that this is a better way for families.

Having said that, I also can see exactly why people would NEVER do it. Why some people could never do it. I spend an hour a night getting ready for the next day, then four hours on stage with the kids. You have to be so organized that if you were not, you would drown. You have to MAKE yourself do something that your natural self very easily talks you out of. It is completely selfless, and in my experience, the selfish has a very hard time with selflessness. I'm very selfish, not so much towards my kids, but my time, my space, me.

I thought it was impossible for my kids to love me more, or show more love towards me, but after this week they are attached to me. No kidding, they are mush in my hands. I have gone a whole week without "mom you are so mean" no real sass, and since I am with them all day, in their presence doing things with them, I am able to follow up on all discipline right on point so they are seeing that we are in this together and have stopped being naughty. They play together more, I break up fewer fights. It's insane. I can not explain it. I just know that something like this has to be good.

So for the learning. I took a million of pictures of us doing it. All of it. I plan on posting a subject by subject post so you can see how insanely easy it is. The curriculum I bought is amazing, easy and action packed for them. They are loving it. Here's a overview of our week:

Mia read 23 books in four days, learned about common nouns, worked double digit addition, studied the human body and the cell, she memorized a 42 word poem and recited it to others, we memorized two scripture mastery scriptures, studied the Nomads, made cave paintings, plus much more...she's five.

Zander read three chapter books one of which was a classic, reviewed basic grammar (since I don't really know where he is we have more figuring out work to do), we did two chemistry projects, memorized more multiplication facts, learned about pourquoi's and read two, he passed off his Bobcat in scouts, read 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon, did an archeological dig in our sandbox, and much more...he's 8.

We did this in four days. On Friday we went to the library and checked out books for next week. We went to the pool for at least two hours everyday when we were done with school. We picked blueberries at a blueberry farm. They played with old friends, made new friends and Mia is on the cusp of a wicked freestyle stroke...LOL.

I know we will have our ups and downs, but as we stand now...Home school: 1, public school: 0..


Lauren said...

Sounds great. I'm super interested to hear how your summer of homeschooling goes and whether you continue with it. As I think I mentioned before, at least 2 of the families in my church homeschool and all seem to love it. This year the oldest girl has decided to try a local charter school for the last 3 years of high school (tried regular public school and it didn't agree with her) and I'm interested to see how that goes for her.

Good luck!

Melissa said...

We know a family who homeschooled then decided to go into public school for HS. After a few months they came back home...LOL. We will see what the kids want to do. It's a fifty fifty decision. They need want it too. But man, I really can see all of the benefits. This week really shocked me in so many ways.

nuttbutts said...

i am so glad that you had an awsome first week. what curriculum did you decide to use? you will have to post about all the cool things you do so i can copy you!