Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's that time of year again

           Swim season is in full swing here in Kingwood. I could not be happier. We had team photos last night, but in true Melissa fashion I could not pay for over priced single pose pictures. We wandered around and took our own. While editing these this morning I've decided that I could not be more in love with Zander. Seriously this is a problem. That boy has stolen my heart and I pray to heaven that I like his future wife...even though we know she will not be as sweet to him as his mama.              
Zander has become quite the little swimmer. For a kid that has never had one swim lesson in his life, he is really holding his own on the team. He has amazing heart when it comes to this sport and I hope it will carry him through the tough times he will inevitably encounter.  
His favorite stroke is Breast stroke. Last week he qualified to take part in an extra summer tournement. I was so proud of him because this was one of his goals this year. It was a great moment to see him realize that goal. I see a lot of myself in that drive. If he's anything like mama, his goals are very high and he will do EVERYTHING possible to get them done. We are some stubborn people over here.                                                      
 But then there's this...oh the expression. This is Zander, and he had me at hello...LOL!
I really better like his future wife...I'm worried!

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Sarah said...

Handsome devil!!