Thursday, May 27, 2010

All Is Well in the Womb

Today I had my "big" ultrasound". For weeks I've been so worried that baby boy was just not right. I play the odds people. I know so many pregnant women with healthy baby's growing in them that I figured that we were the ones. I am a worrier to say the least. I run scenario after scenario. I think it's to make myself feel better and to stop worrying.

With each scenario I inevitably come to the conclusion that all will be well. It always has been and it always will be. Even with the worst possible outcome. I know it will be just fine and for our growth. So I run scenarios as ways to give myself an out...a pep talk. I get to work it out in my head and calm myself down. It's my control, that and cleaning.

Having said that, baby boy is just fine. He's beautifully skeletal, well developed, and just as cute as a Krantz could be. He is in fact still a boy...thank heavens! I love my boys to death around here. How exciting to get another one.

With this ultrasound out of the way, now I proceed to worrying about the birth. It never ends...scenario after scenario will be run. I will plan and prepare for every outcome...I'm just nuts.

On a fun note, I for some reason, have been telling everyone that I'm due October 9th, but I am actually due October 4th. Trust me that five days is very important at the end of a long hot summer pregnancy. That's five days sooner that I will get to meet my new love.

Also, we do have a name picked out. We have for about a month now. But for a few reasons we are not telling.

1. Man its fun to have a secret.

2. Its rather unusual and I really don't want to make anyone have to lie and tell me   that they like it if they don't.

3. We don't really care if other people like it, because we are in LOVE with the name.

4. It’s just another piece of fake chit chat that I can escape from. I hate small talk.

Wow what a pain in the butt we/I are/am. But there you have it. A healthy baby boy without any "structural defects" is on the way. A news update from me to you!


The Allgaiers said...

Yay for healthy babies! I do the exact same thing about the whole worry thing. I think I've gotten worse with each child. And how about that--we have the same due date!

Melissa said...

I know Jenny, I thought the same thing. I don't know how I messed it up. I see everything in my head, so I must have made that four a nine. I'm sure that doesnt make sense, but I get! I have a great memory, everything else I see pictures...numbers get me everytime.

MZP said...

i'm jealous of how settled you are on a name... :) and yay for boys!!

Melissa said...

Oh Melissa, I feel for you...haha! When we heard it, we knew it was right. Cant fight that I guess. It helps that Chris and I agree on pretty much everything when it comes to stuff like that.

Amy Craig said...

How fun to have another boy!!! Congratulations!