Thursday, April 8, 2010

it's a....something!

Yikes, not again! We have been diligently working on a new Krantz for about a year on and off here. We had one minor set back this summer, took a few months off and then got back on the horse.

We are very excited, but I must admit that being pregnant at 31 is WAAAY more difficult than at 22. Mama is tired. It's been a rough few months here. It got so bad that I sent Chris away for a month so he would not have to deal with the pregnobeast. That's what we call pregnant women. It is very fitting if you ask me. Although I'm sure that most women who are pregnant will resent it.

We usually keep it quiet until we find out the gender, but yet another lovely side affect of being pregnant for the fourth time is...well...I'll just call it the beer belly. The beer belly on a woman who does not ever have a belly or drink beer is a sure sign that I cannot hide anymore. Chris told me to just wear baggy clothes...well honey, I have none. I wear clothes that fit me. Sooo here I am in this in between she fat or pregnant. I am happy to report it is the latter. I've lost six pounds and gained a beer I'm going to say that somewhere in there this three inch wonder is making something go on that i am sooo utterly unaware of. And I must admit for the first time...I'm not happy to be showing so soon...boooo!

But I am happy that baby is healthy and doing well. We've seen the heartbeat on the ultrasound and heard it a few weeks later. When you've been through enough miscarrages, that is good news enough. You can ride that high for months.

We are hoping for a baby...boy or girl...with Chris' personality. Simply because the last two have about done me in. I feel for my parents...deeply. I cry for them. Maybe that's why my childhood took the shape it did. I can see it now. It gives me chills, and they only had one like me...Anyway, we will find out the gender in a few weeks. I'm a planner and a control freak so I MUST know and have it all done months before the baby arrives.

We have a gaggle of pregnobeasts in the ward right now. I have mixed feeling about this. I hate being one of the herd, but what can you do. Also, my best buddy is also pregnant. All of our kids are the same age and gender, except they have a plus one. She will find out the gender of her baby tomorrow, and I'm convinced that they will be the same, so I'm very excited to hear.

So there you have it. The reason I've not blogged well in eternity. All I have on the brain is BABY. But now the news is out and I'm free to complain...gush...and share all that is going on in this psycho house.


Silly Gille's said...

shoot woman why didnt u tell me! we were just chatting about it all! CONGRATS

-rather be in the heard than over in the barn with none.....ill get out someday

Melissa said...

Ok, you're so funny. We werent ready to tell just yet, but I knew it was coming...

the barn is nicer...ugh!

Amy Craig said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! SO, when is the due date?? And yes, being pregnant in your 30's is much different than being pregnant in your 20's. I had Hailey at 31. It did me in :)

Sarah said...

Oh Wow!!! Happy news. Congrats Melissa. I wish I were in the herd with you. Well, right now I do, but give me 5 minutes and I'll be happy to be in the barn. Oh well, I guess I'll just take what I get.

Chelle said...

Talked to Heather today. Guess I know what you think you're having. He he!