Thursday, April 15, 2010

Camping and how we really felt...

If you know me you know I rely heavily on sarcasm to express my points. My kids have figured this out and their lives are better for it. No sarcasm was used in the writing of this post.
Her expression says it all!

This last weekend we had the pleasure of going camping overnight with our ward. Since I had only been sort of camping once before, I was really excited to go. I bought all of the stuff that we didn’t already have. I planned snacks and activities. I did a lot of research in the form of asking everyone who loves camping a million questions. I was really excited. I could not have been more open-minded about the experience. I dreamed of camping trips and togetherness with the really. I did. I wanted to love it.
Well we got there and hauled all of our supplies to the campsite and set up, only to find that we were at the wrong place. So with the help of some wonderful people, we moved our now "junk" to the right place. I felt defeated already. I'm sure the pregnancy hormones didn't help much.
We got all set up again and headed over to the campfire. Now I have never been a fan of smoke in my face, eyes, lungs or my children’s face, eyes, or lungs. The wind would shift and it would just smack you in the face and burn you eyes...cough cough...I was still trying to be optimistic.
We froze the whole night. It took me hours to thaw out.

Next came the cooking of hotdogs on a stick on a way too small fire with about ten people and children kneeling around...a cold hotdog never sounded so good. Wind...cough...cough...drip drip eyes..."Elle get out of the fire"..."man this is taking a long time does anyone have a microwave?"...someone make this fire bigger...cough get the picture. When my hotdogs were well, not cold, we assembled and ate the mess off our laps. We had plates, but ugh chips were sliding on the ground, ketchup was dripping, soda was being kicked over. If you know me at all, you know I treasure my eating experiences...cough cough...burn...drip drip..."Zander get out of the fire", I think I just drank a fly!
We sat around talking to our friends. This part was the best part. No distractions except smoky eyes and kids running around with skewers as swords...not a good combo by the way. I learned a lot about my friends and it was a good time.
A good time interrupted by the need for the pregnant woman to go to the bathroom. I will not go into details here, but there were porta potties. I was a hair from dropping trou in the woods. Let me tell you. Between the maternal barf urge and the urination urge...I was a mess.
The kids continued to run around like mad people and it was getting dark. We pulled out our glow sticks and lanterns and continued to talk. It was becoming apparent that the kids were ready for was eight o clock and all. So we headed over to the tent, got ready to sleep and began what I will call, the worse night of my life. One hour in and all optimism was out the window...the screen netted window thing.

It hurt, it was cold, it was hell on earth. At one point I said to Chris that my desires to be on the show Survivor have left me. I would die in that place. I suffered my friends. My kids suffered. I HATED camping. I slept about ten mins and the rest of the time I prayed for daylight...horrid!
Zander was in hog heaven.
We got up and Mia told me that she will no longer be jealous of Zander and Chris when they go camping. She said "mommy NEVER AGAIN" "Camping stinks". I kissed her stinky smoke ridden head. We went over to the gathering area watched men cook breakfast burritos. I have never had one before so I'm sure I annoyed them with my many questions, but oh well, that's what I do. It was pretty good, but I was desperate and all.
We sat around the fire some more and talked to our friends some more. Then the joy of began to rain. So it was a mad dash to take down camps and get the beep out of that place. That we did. Got home, showered, did laundry and took a three hour nap in our warm fresh cozy beds...

I maintain that I didn’t not complain at all in front of the kids. I am really big on letting them form their own opinions on things. The females in our house had a horrible time. The males loved it all. Zander was in heaven. Good thing because I WILL have a eagle scout in this house one day. But I will never go camping again without a RV!!


This Place is a Disaster! said...

This sounds . . . esactly like camping!!!!
Amazing that people actually like the exact scene you just described!!!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

hmm, I think we are going to have hot dogs for dinner now. . .

nuttbutts said...

granted it is often cold and a little bumpy but that is what air mattresses are for right? perhaps i should have shared that with you before eh? they also have portable heaters you can get for your tent, i guess that would have been helpful too! sorry i failed you as a friend!

Melissa said...


Sarah said...

Yuck!! But you guys look like you had a great turn out. Hope that the company was at least good.

Doug and Rikki Wood said...

Congrats on baby #4 that is so exciting! Well I feel bad your camping trip was Heck, our family looks so forward to our weekend camping trips. I must admit that camping with kids in a tent in not the easiest. Doug and I bought an old R.V. but the bathroom works and we have running water so that does make things a little easier. We love the fresh mountain air, there is nothing like it, we also enjoy taking the 4-wheelers and fishing poles and of course the best dutch oven meals ever. If you ever decide to go again, you might have to make a trip to Idaho.

Take Care!

Kathleen Jackson said...

Oh Melissa, it was crazy!! You need to try it with just your fam and a good friend family maybe 2 and go. Less drama, we cook hamburgers when we go and have lots of better edibles. It is truly fun to go in early fall. Not so cold and a good camp fire with friends is the best. Sorry it was not fun, preggo camping is bad. Try it again, I am sure you will like it better. It was crazy with the ward, too many little kids at the fire and cold.