Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Man

I have this husband you see, who is very very sweet. He is not sweet one day a year, he is sweet all days of the year. He constantly brings me gifts, and treats. He always helps out. He knows me better than I know myself, and yet he still loves me. He works harder for our family than any other man I know and never complains about his load.

BUT...the best thing he does for me is, he makes these beauties whenever I ask him to do so. He makes many of these a year. One time I asked him to make 22 of these and he did it with a smile.

Sure I get my diamonds, I get my chocolate, I get my help around the house, but what I want....what I need....is Pizza. I know no other man this side of the country that can make one as yummy and perfect as my man! LOL!


Kathleen Jackson said...

a man who cooks is a beautiful thing!! We are blessed. does he deliver?

nuttbutts said...

that is one amazing looking pizza...i would pay for something like that. awsome job chris!

Melissa said...

He's good, but all I "allow" him to cook is pizza. I'm a control freak in our house. Kath, I owe Jennifer some, so next time we have our pizza party, we'll have all you guys over. We do it twice a year. Christmas and summer break. hence the 22 pizzas...mmm

Sarah said...

Hey Chris- Can we pur in an order. That looks so yummy. That would totally be our Sunday night fix around here.
Hope you are all well.