Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do you ever wonder too?

I wonder why I send my kids to public school everyday.

I wonder why I spend the day missing them while they are in someone else's care.

I wonder why when I ask them what they learned today they say, "Nothing, I knew everything we covered already."

I wonder why when they tell me they are sick of teachers yelling all day.

I wonder why when I teach them more math in one hour than they learned all year so far.

I wonder why, when Zander's teachers tell me that I cannot home school because they need his help in class reaching other students.

I wonder why when Mia comes home with a raging case of head lice because a parent didn't have the nerve to tell the teacher that their kid has it so be on the look out.

I wonder why when Zander comes home with hurt feelings from listening to kids swear all day.

I wonder why when all learning is geared towards passing state testing, not enriching them.

I wonder why when I pull worksheet after worksheet out of Zander's backpack.

I wonder why when I realize that they are in school for seven hours and they come home begging for "extras" because they are not being stretched.

I wonder why when I successfully taught Zander how to read when he was four, and by five had him reading chapter books.

I wonder why when my children are told not to talk about their faith in Jesus Christ at school.

I just plain ol wonder why...

I'm yet to hear one concern about home school that even comes close to my concerns about public school. Not one...


nuttbutts said...

dang you beat me to it! this is my advice, stop wondering why...just do it!

Melissa said...

I know I should do it, I just don't want to fail. I know it's the best way, I'm just insecure about it...I know me's an odd concept for sure.

Lauren said...

Yeah, seriously, go for it. There are at least 3 families at my church that homeschool their kids. The kids are very bright and well-rounded and do a lot of fun things. The oldest who is 14 decided to try out high school this year for the first time and ended up not liking it but she gave it a try. She did say she liked the social aspect but not the stupid things she was supposed to learn instead of the things she wanted to lear.