Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing in the New Year Like a Rockstar

New Years Eve is always a little depressing for me. I very much live in the now and try to make every moment all I want it to be. 2009 was an amazing year for so many reasons. Last December I set big goals for 2009 and am very proud to say that I knocked them out. We also set up some huge family goals and accomplished every one of those two.
There is a bad side to finishing can leave you a little...well...empty. I am very goal orientated. I need goals to keep moving. So after I accomplished one of my lifetime goals and two of my adulthood goals, I had a rough few months. I wasn’t sure what was next and I felt...bored really. So In true Melissa fashion I've set some new ones and all I can say is this year is waaaayyyy bigger than last year and I am so excited. You all better watch out for what’s coming here...its crazy!

Chris has set some goals for the year and I'm going to turn my psycho focus on him and help him get em done. I just pray that I don't scare him off. I do everything I say I will and I do it 100 percent. Most people have a hard time with this and I can come off a little...well...annoying. Oh well I've been called worse, so I will move on with my goals.

I will say goodbye to 2009. She was great to us and I will always remember her. I grew miles and miles. I learned more about myself this year than all the rest combined. I hope 2010 will be just as sweet!


Barb said...

I am jealous of you, accomplishing so much. 2009 was pretty bad for us and I look forward to 2010.

Barb said...

Also...........I love all these gorgeous pictures of my grandchildren! BTW, my letter from Zander never arrived. My mailman has lost a few marbles and he probably lost it. (he loses lots of my mail) LOL .