Saturday, December 5, 2009

When I was little...

I remember playing in the snow. When I was little snow drifts would be taller than I was, taller than our car was, taller than my dad was. That is the true leavings of a snow storm. You would look out your window and see white bumps where familiar items once were. The world looked different, sounded different, felt different. A snow storm was magical. It only snows when it's warmer..say 32 degrees. The warmer it was, the larger the snowflakes were, the larger the snowmen were made to be. When you're a kid snow is glorious...

When I was in Chicago was very tough. The weather is a dirty witch. Snow storms meant a longer commute, literally digging your car out of the snow plows path, frozen faces, fingers and feet. Snow that once was beautiful turned into black mountains of ice along the side of the roads. Black mountains that would grace our sight well into March.

Unless you've commuted, dug, plowed, scraped, thawed, salted, or shoveled, you have no idea.

Yesterday we had a dusting of snow. In Houston it is a rare find. People who grew up here go crazy about this mess. I wished it to go back where it came from.

My bigger kids have seen snow, they've worn snowsuits, built snowmen, thrown snowballs. Yesterday, they played in the snow for about an hour and came running in begging to get warm again, and that was that.

I could not imagine an entire six months of this mess laying around again. I am ever so grateful to live where I do, and for the experiences my younger years gave me, but I am glad that a snow storm here comes and goes in a day. I am glad that it will be 75 degrees next week and we can wear shorts and flip flops again.


This Place is a Disaster! said...

Loved those days!

Not to mention that people in the city put a couch in their parking spot while at work as to keep it safe so no one can steal their hard work of digging out for themselves!

nuttbutts said...

Ok I am so jealous! We have been in the 30's for a week and still no snow. Bummer. I love the pictures though :)

Melissa said...

Melissa, oh my gosh, i totally forgot about that! They will put anything and everything out there to save a spot. So funny!

And Nuttbutts...come and get it! i'm freezing over here! I love your blue rocking horse pic too!