Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To the Sensitive Person.

Something has been on my mind lately and it's too long to post in my facebook status.

Through out my life I've always been accused of being too sensitive. "Oh you're too sensitive", is something I have heard so many times. So for years, I've tried to alter myself to be less sensitive. I've tried to be less thoughtful of what others felt, and needed. I've tried to thicken my skin so the daggers don't pierce it so easily. I've strived to be less sensitive. Less sensitive? Why am I striving to be less sensitive?
What is wrong with being sensitive? We are counseled over and over again to be more sensitive. Sensitive to the needs of others, sensitive to our spouse, sensitive to the environment, sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit. The list goes on and on. What the heck is wrong with being sensitive?
After years of reflection, I've recently decided that maybe it's not me that needs the changing in this area. Maybe it is the right thing to be sensitive. The problem for the sensitive person lies in the world we live in. It is full of completely insensitive people. Self centered people who cannot see beyond the tip of their nose.
I believe my flaw is not my sensitivity, but it lays in how I react to the complete and utter insensitivity of others. That is where my time is better spent perfecting. I know that is where I lack. I can be a firecracker at times.
Also I know that I cannot change the world, but I can change myself. The last thing this world needs is another insensitive person. I'm going to go on being sensitive. I'm going to continue considering others and what they need from me. I will continue to worry about how I affect others. I will not let others insensitive comments about my sensitivity feel so negative, because as a sensitive person I know better.

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Sarah said...

Well put, Melissa.