Saturday, December 19, 2009

The New Babysitter

Chris built this sandbox in the fall for the kids. It was a early Christmas present for me and them. Me, because I needed to get them outside off my feet all day, and them because they needed something to create with that would not drive me nuts. I've wanted one forever; this is our first permanant house so it was time. I was worried that it would turn into a neighborhood litterbox too, but we have a cool cover to keep out the devil animals. He did a great job and we all love it. My kids, like myself, don't really love the outdoors. I'm sure that is my fault. Outside in Texas has a totally different meaning than outside any other place I've lived. I'll explain one day! The sand box has really pulled them outdoors a ton. Thank you Papa!


nuttbutts said...

that is awsome! one my kids would truly envy if i showed them. we have had sandboxes and they are the best for sure. glad you have a cover to keep the devil animals out!

melissa said...

Darn devil animals ruin everything!