Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boston Bound?

I've been thinking a lot about marathoning lately. I'm not sure why, since running the marathon was the most painful thing I've ever recovered from. There is something to be said for it though. During the 16+ weeks I trained, I learned more about myself than any other time in my life. I think the training literally saved me when Chris was away working for that 8 months. I know it saved me. I had a reason to get up and go everyday...after all, I was training for a marathon.

I really had no desire to run another one. Ask all of my friends...nope never, why would anyone want to do it twice. i am seven months out...thinking. The goal of your first marathon should be to finish... period. You should not have any time in mind because it will take away from the actual accomplishment of finishing if you don't meet your time goal. So that's what I did. Finish. My time was very respectable, but in true Melissa fashion...I know I could beat it. Not just that, I know I can blow it away.

I've been doing speed training for the last five months or so and have gotten faster. So of course, like any natural person who thinks like a psycho...I say....why not try to qualify for Boston? Makes sense right. The Boston Marathon has so much history to it, it is also one of the toughest. You have to meet a certain time just to qualify to run it. I would need to cut a little over a hour off my time. I'm not worried about that, it's the looming risk of injury that gets me. I will have to run a marathon this coming fall to qualify, then run Boston four months later. Plenty of time. Plenty of sore knees.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do it, I'm just thinking...any ideas out there from my team of voyers?


nuttbutts said...

RUN BAREFOOT! how many times do i have to tell ya! i know you may still have some sore knees, but i think once you try you will like...but read some stuff about it first. if i run with you it will be barefoot baby! although i am not running the boston marathon.

Melissa said...

I know I know...I have to read more about it. Can you imagine the looks i'd get at the gym? oh gosh. I want to run Houston one see if I can qualify for Boston.