Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picture Perfect Year

I take pictures in my dreams. Really I do. I search out backgrounds, adjust lighting, find models and take pictures. Is this normal? Not that I've ever been concerned much with what is normal. Actually I've been pretty consistent about seeking out the abnormal and going for that.

This year has just been so amazing to me. This year was a gift to me in so many ways! At the end of every year it is inevitable to ponder the events that took place...the good with the bad. I love to see what I made with the challenges I faced, or the blessings I've been given. I love the comfort I have because of my ability to do whatever my heart gets set on.

I have very few regrets, and will address those when it is right to do so, but I know I will take responsibility for my part and be blessed for that courage. I've made many mistakes in my life and have learned from repentance. Shampoo, rinse, repeat!

I hope that as this year winds down, you look at what you've done. You look at what you didn't do. You look at what you can do, and for the next year look at what you will do.

It makes me sad to know that all of the pictures I take in my dreams will never turn out in real life, but I do know all the dreams I accomplish in this life, I can freeze in pictures. By the end of my life I hope I have books upon books of how I lived, and what I lived. 


nuttbutts said...

very peotic and thought provoking! although i am not sure that is what you were going for! i notice that i use ! a lot. wierd.

Melissa said...

I wasn't going for anything, and I use "!" way too much. I guess I'm just very excited allll of the time...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!