Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Zander

I'm not sure if a mother could love a child more than I do Zander. He is the most delicious child on earth. Trust me. I'll tell you some stories some day. He and I have a wonderful relationship full of snuggles and hugs. The child has never been in trouble or even scolded. If all children were like this little guy, I would have at least ten. I don't know if Zander will ever be able to find a wife as good to him as his mother, and for his sake I sure hope he does. I also hope I have not ruined him for good. The world is not as sweet as your mom.
"How much do you love Papa?'
"Who do you love more, Mommy or Papa?"
We play favorites in this house and the winner is clear! Don't ask the girls though...they don't like me much! Little Devils!


nuttbutts said...

he is such a cute kid! i wish i could say that any of my kids were so good and never get in trouble. alas, i yell at all of them equally. so there! they all feel the same amount of "love" from me!

Melissa said...

Zander is an interesting kid. His sisters make up for the headachs that he doesnt give me. It all rounds out.

Barb said...

Grandma Barb misses Zander and the girls !

I wrote Zander a letter and mailed it.

This photo is AWESOME. I plan to put it in a FB album.