Saturday, October 17, 2009

The 59 Diner and My Eternal Quest for Decent Food in Houston

I am a food snob. I've decided that I've had the best foods around and now I just can't be satisfied with lesser quality goodness. I'm sure to my friends I am sooo annoying. Houston has been pretty tough for me to swallow. There are very few restaurants that I've been to that I simply cannot live without. I keep trying recommendations from others with grave disappointment. Come on people have you not eaten real food??? The only explanation is that they just don't have any idea what they are missing, so the food around here is good to them...bleh
On a whim, and a recommendation, I decided to take the kids to the 59 Diner for their award winning shakes...I was hoping to find a real ice cream shake. That I did. It was really good and what it should have been, but it all that tough to make a real shake? cream...blend...really...why are people writing reviews about a shake...I'll tell ya...because all of the food in Houston is crap and someone finally got something right...its praise worthy to others, scary to me. This shake was as good as any shake that you can get at any of the plethora of grease pit diners that Chicago has to offer, and you wouldn't have to drive an hour to get one. I'm not exactly sure how I became a food snob. I think it was the years I worked down in the Loop, and had the most loveliest food ever at my fingertips...ohh the wonder I lost 50 pounds after moving away from Chicago.
Oh on a side note a good friend questioned the quality of Mexican food that is in Chicago...I mean really...really...I am willing to bet that Chicago has more authentic Mexican food that Salt Lake...Jessica...really...Jessica...I do love you tho!
Oh and one more shout out to a especially diluted person who told me while I was questioning if Houston has any authentic food...He said, "well I don't really like authentic food"...someone get me a baseball bat please.
Where does this passion come from? I'm insane!


nuttbutts said...

maybe you should become a food critic and make money off your opinons! and most people dont really think about what they put into their mouths. i have started to become a little better about this. i hate alot of the processed food that is out there because you can taste the preservatives in them. i also am sick of the fast food garbage. its not really satisfying and it leaves a nasty after taste. maybe you should come and visit me and we can make the rounds out here. i have heard of a lot of good places, just never go because of time, money, and jon. he is a steak and potato

nuttbutts said...

hes a steak and potatos kinda guy...thats what i meant to post!

Melissa said...

My next trip is to see you guys. I am shooting my second cousins wedding on July 4th. I will try to work my angle with Chris to come see you some time before that....does he have to come too? LOL

Jessica said...

IDK...I think I'm sticking to my theory. The further from the border you get, the less authentic you get. I don't know what Houston's problem is though! =P

Melissa said...

I'm doing a population search right now. If the people are there, the food is authentic. I think we just have not found Houston's good mexican food yet.