Monday, September 28, 2009

Woe to the ugly mom...

I was thinking about the strangest thing today. When I was the ripe ol age of 12, I had this really good friend. She was so much fun and we were inseparable. This was in the day when kids left in the morning and had to be home by dinner time. Our days were spent riding bikes or hanging at the mall.

Up to this point, I had never had the opportunity to meet her parents. This was probably a good thing, because parents usually didn't care for me much. I'm not sure why but I can speculate. I always spoke my mind and was a little precocious. I lived in a apartment with just my dad in a pretty snooty city. I'm sure I didn't dress the nicest. I also had this habit of taking the blame for their kids, if their kids, my friends, would get them selves in trouble I would always take the blame. So it always looked like I was naughty when in fact I was always the one trying to talk my naughty friends out of bad choices...ugh go figure. I would never get in trouble at my house, no one was very interested in what I was up know all these things add up.

Anyway, my friend invited me home to her house one day. I was pretty sure that her parents would hate me for various reasons, after all, all parents did at that time. On the way to her house she told me something...something that stuck with me over fifteen years later. She said "my mom is really ugly". I thought OOOKKKKAAAAYYYY!!!! How do you go on from that?

I have another really bad bad habit of trying to make people feel better about themselves even when I totally agree with what they just put themselves down about. I don't know if its a bad habit or a good quality, but it has its goods and bads. Chris absolutely hates this trait I possess. He says its better to say nothing then try to battle the comment. But what do you do when someone drops a bomb like that.

So in true nature, I said "oh whatever, you're crazy!" How sad though that she had to preface my visit to her home with that comment. I was terrified by what I might find there in her house. You know how kids minds work...I was freaked out. We get there, and I met her mom, and I must agree with my friend...woof, and I am sad to say that she eventually grew to hate me like all parents before her. So the point of telling this story Zander is getting to the age where he wants friends to come over to our house. I wonder what he will preface his friends visits with. I wonder if I'll hate his friends. I wonder if I will embarrass him.

I just HOPE that the one comment not said is..."my mom is really ugly." I can control all else. That one is out of my hands...ugh.


The Caldwell Family: said...

Perhaps she also meant she was "uglY" on teh inside, too?

nuttbutts said...

ha! i also know what it is like to have most parents hate me. actually it was just parents from church who thought i was horrible. parents from school tended to like me. i think they all thought i was bad news for their kids. when in actuality i turned out better than most...go figure. actually it was mostly moms who didnt like me come to think of it. also, i think elliotts friends dont like me much because i have a low tolerance for little kids anyway. so if kids are at my house and misbehaving or doing something i wouldnt let my kids do i tell them. is that bad? oh well, i dont think it would be fair to my kids to let someone else get away with something i would never let them do.